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Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless Adds More Data To Several Plans

Selectel Wireless Store Located In Gillette Wyoming
Selectel Wireless Store Located In Gillette, Wyoming
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Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless offers a total of 6 monthly cell phone plans.  Yesterday, three of those cell phone plans got an increase in their high speed data allotments.

The following table summarizes Selectel Wireless's monthly 30 day phone plans with the recent changes highlighted.

$15 (3G Phones Only)$20$30$40$50$70
Data50 MB50 MB1 GB*4GB* 3GB 7GB* 5GB10GB* 7GB

*Data is unlimited but throttled to 2G or about 64 Kbps once the listed allotment gets used up.


The data increases are certainly a welcomed change, particularly if you are a Selectel Wireless customer.  However, those who strictly shop based on price, may find better value in another Verizon MVNO.   ROK Mobile for instance sells 8GB of high speed data at the $40 price point. Straight Talk Wireless offers 10GB of high speed data for $45 which bests Selectel Wireless's $50 offer.  US Mobile offers unlimited data with speeds restricted to 5 Mbps for $56 and without speed restriction for $74.

Those interested in service with Selectel Wireless will have to either purchase their plan directly from Selectel Wireless or through one of their independent nationwide dealers.  Plans are not sold through major retail stores like Target or Walmart. A few deals can be found on eBay where the $30 plan is selling for $25.

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