iPhone 7 Is Now $29.99 At Metro By-T-Mobile

iPhone 7 Is $29.99 At Metro By-T-Mobile

Joe Paonessa - Apr 18, 2020
The iPhone SE generation 2 is launching everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal on an older iPhone flagship.  Metro By-T-Mobile is now offering the iPhone 7 for $29.99, to bring it in line with the price Boost Mobile has it for. T-Mobile gained temporary ownership
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Metro By-T-Mobile Ends Relationships With All Non-Exclusive Stores, Online Sales Have Returned

Joe Paonessa - Apr 6, 2020
In February, T-Mobile laid off a number of employees within its Metro By-T-Mobile prepaid business.  The move shook up the industry as T-Mobile had long promised that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger would lead to more jobs and more competition in the wireless space.  Shortly after the layoffs, the Communications Workers of
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Metro by T-Mobile Dealers Have Reduced Hours Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Most Prepaid Carrier Brand Stores Remain Open Amid Coronavirus Fears

Joe Paonessa - Mar 24, 2020
According to a recent survey by Wave7 Research, most carrier prepaid and dealer stores have remained open as nationwide worry over the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues.  Although a majority remain open, many do have reduced hours and different markets and brands are handling the situation with varied responses. 
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Metro By T-Mobile Free Second Line With Phone Upgrade

Metro By-T-Mobile Promo, Customers Can Add A Line At No Extra Cost

Joe Paonessa - Feb 23, 2020
Metro By-T-Mobile has recently launched a new in-store promo.  Customers can now add another line to their account for free.  Of course, the offer does come with a tiny bit of fine print with it, so let’s get to it. Add A Line At No Extra Cost Offer Fine Print
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iPhone 7 Is Now $49.99 At Metro By T-Mobile

Metro By T-Mobile Offering $40 Unlimited LTE Data Plan And $49.99 iPhone 7

Joe Paonessa - Feb 6, 2020
Metro By T-Mobile launched a new offer today.  Switchers can now pick up an iPhone 7 for $49.99.  It was previously priced at $99.99.  Also available is a new unlimited LTE data plan priced at $40 and an offer of 2 unlimited lines for $65.  Metro is marketing the $40
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Bring Your Own Phone To Metro-By-T-Mobile Get $50 Virtual Visa Prepaid Card

Metro-By-T-Mobile Offering BYOP Customers $50 Virtual Visa Prepaid Card

Joe Paonessa - Nov 29, 2019
Metro-By-T-Mobile is running a promotion for bring your own phone subscribers.  Those who have an eligible device to bring over to the network will receive a $100 virtual Visa prepaid card as a Black Friday holiday offer only.  Metro had been offering customers who bring their own device to the
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Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile Latest Providers To Offer Discounts On iPhone 11 Models

iPhone 11 Debuts At Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile For $100 Off

Joe Paonessa - Sep 23, 2019
The iPhone 11 series of devices are now available at both Boost Mobile and Metro-By-T-Mobile for $100 off.  The discount applies to all models in the series.  Inventory doesn’t seem to be available online at either provider but should be available in select stores.  Metro-By-T-Mobile explicitly states this on their
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Metro By T-Mobile Offering Samsung Galaxy A20 Free To Switchers

Metro By T-Mobile Offering Free Samsung Galaxy A20 To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Jul 23, 2019
Metro By T-Mobile has unveiled what it is calling the “Best Deal in Wireless.”  Customers who switch over to Metro can get two unlimited LTE data lines for $80/month and two Samsung Galaxy A20s for free. The free Samsung Galaxy A20s replace Metro’s previous offer of two free Samsung Galaxy
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Metro By T-Mobile Storefront Seen In KS 5-16-19, Photo Via Wave7 Research

Metro By T-Mobile Strikes Back At Boost, Offers LG Stylo 4 Free To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - May 22, 2019
Metro By T-Mobile has struck back against Boost Mobile’s free LG Stylo 4 offer with a new offer of its own. Boost Mobile’s offer has been on the market since December. According to a report from Wave7 Research, Metro has been ramping up its advertising spend over the past several
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Metro By T-Mobile Offering Free Phones To Switchers Including The iPhone 6s

Metro Offering The iPhone 6S Free To Switchers, 4 Unlimited Data Lines For $100

Joe Paonessa - Dec 6, 2018
Back in June, Metro By T-Mobile ran a “Get An Amazing iPhone On Us” deal.  That deal gave new customers a free iPhone SE.  A few days ago that offer got updated.  Now the iPhone 6s is also available for free.  Metro also recently launched a couple of other promotions. 
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Metro By T-Mobile Offering Free Line When You Upgrade Your Phone

Metro By T-Mobile Offering Add A Line At No Extra Cost On $60 Unlimited Plan With Phone Upgrade

Joe Paonessa - Nov 14, 2018
Metro By T-Mobile appears to be launching a new promotion.  Customers can now add a line for free on the $60 unlimited plan when they purchase a new phone.  A poster on HowardForums says that they just got notified of the offer from Metro by a text message.  When I
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MetroPCS Officially Becomes Metro By T-Mobile, Keegan-Michael Key Is The First Customer

Metro By T-Mobile Will Launch 5G Wireless Service In 2019

Joe Paonessa - Oct 9, 2018
A few weeks ago MetroPCS announced that it was getting a new brand name with updated phone plans.  The new name, Metro By T-Mobile, and new plans officially went live yesterday.  Along with those updates, T-Mobile announced that its Metro brand will begin to offer 5G wireless service starting in
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MetroPCS Will Soon Have A New Brand Name And New Unlimited Data Plans

Joe Paonessa - Sep 24, 2018
MetroPCS formally announced today that on October 8th it will officially rebrand as Metro By T-Mobile.  Along with the rebranding will come two new unlimited data plans. The new unlimited data plans will be priced the same as before but will come with more features such as Google One and Amazon
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Get Your 3rd Unlimited Line Free When You Switch To MetroPCS

MetroPCS Announces 3 Unlimited LTE Data Lines For $78 Promo

Joe Paonessa - Aug 23, 2018
MetroPCS launched a new promotion today.  Subscribers who activate at least one new line can get 3 lines of unlimited LTE data for $78/month.   The plan does not include mobile hotspot.  Those who need a plan with hotspot data can get 3 unlimited lines for $90/month.  Free phones are also
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Alcatel 7 Now Available At MetroPCS

Alcatel 7 Launched At MetroPCS, Available Free To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Aug 13, 2018
MetroPCS officially launched the Alcatel 7 today.  The listed retail price of the device is $179.99, however customers who port-in and subscribe to an unlimited data plan can get it for free.  Customers who add a new line of service or qualify for an upgrade will get it for $129.99. 
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