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Metro By T-Mobile News

Metro Store Within A Store (Pic Altered To Hide Employee's Identity)

Say Goodbye To Corporate Owned Metro by T-Mobile Stores In 2023

Joe Paonessa - Jan 27, 2023
Metro by T-Mobile appears to be moving towards eliminating all of its corporate-owned stores. On 1/12/23, the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association (NWIDA) reported that it had heard from a Metro corporate store employee that all corporate stores in the Northeast would be closing. The association also observed posts on
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Metro by T-Mobile Luis Fonsi Spokesperson

Metro by T-Mobile Further Targets Hispanic Market, Hires Luis Fonsi For Holiday Ads

Joe Paonessa - Dec 12, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile has several holiday ads that star a new spokesperson in Puerto Rican singer, actor, and television host Luis Fonsi. One of the ads states Metro has the largest selection of free 5G phones in prepaid for the holidays. The other highlights a free 5G tablet offer. Both
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Metro by T_Mobile Vix+ On Us With Unlimited Plans

Metro by T-Mobile Updates $60 Plan, Amazon Prime Will Soon No Longer Be Available For New Customers

Joe Paonessa - Nov 30, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile has updated its flagship unlimited high-speed data plan priced at $60/month for a single line. There have been several feature changes. The plan now includes unlimited texting to over 210 countries. It also now includes 20GB of hotspot data. Previously the plan offered 15GB of hotspot data.
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Metro by T-Mobile Has Free Phone Offers At Walmart Photo Via Wave7 Metro by T-Mobile Has Free Phone Offers At Walmart Photo Via Wave7 Research

Metro by T-Mobile Offering Free Phones In Walmart Stores, Service In Puerto Rico

Joe Paonessa - Nov 14, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile is offering free phones in Walmart stores. Wave7 Research recently described the offerings in a prepaid report the firm sent to its subscribers after first receiving a tip from a T-Mobile marketer. Wave7 Research also reports that Metro by T-Mobile has launched stores and services in Puerto
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Metro by T-Mobile Free Tablet Data Offer

Metro by T-Mobile Offering Free Month Of Tablet Data

Joe Paonessa - Jun 10, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile is now offering a free month of tablet data. Of course, it comes with stipulations. Customers must add two months of tablet service to an existing Metro account to then be able to get a third month of service for free. Metro also continues to run its
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Metro by T-Mobile In Store Signage Pitching T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Metro by T-Mobile Offering First Month Free On 5G Home Internet

Joe Paonessa - May 27, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile is offering customers a free month of T-Mobile’s 5G home internet. The plan is regularly priced at $55/month or $50/month with autopay billing enabled. Wave7 Research recently observed Metro by T-Mobile stores advertising unlimited 5G home internet through in-store wall signage. The free month offer is being
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Metro By T-Mobile Brings Back 100GB For Fifty Hotspot Plan April 2022

Metro By T-Mobile Once Again Doubles Data On $50 Hotspot Plan To 100GB

Joe Paonessa - May 4, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile has doubled the amount of data included with its $50 hotspot plan. It now includes 100GB of data at up to 5G data speeds. The previous allotment was 50GB. Metro’s $75 plan with 75GB of hotspot data has been discontinued (at least for the moment). Wave7 Research
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Metro By T-Mobile Has New TV Ads Out In Support Of $40 Unlimited Plan Offer

Metro By T-Mobile’s $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Supported By TV And Radio Ads

Joe Paonessa - Apr 15, 2022
Just a few days ago, BestMVNO reported that Metro by T-Mobile brought back its $40 switcher unlimited plan in dealer stores. There’s also been a $40 unlimited plan offer available at Walmart for about a month. Meanwhile, Metro’s website just started showing the $40 unlimited plan switcher offer. BestMVNO has
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Metro $40 Unlimited Plan Walmart On Display At A KS Area Walmart 3-23 Photo Via Wave7 Research

Metro By T-Mobile Brings Back $40 Switcher Unlimited Plan

Joe Paonessa - Apr 12, 2022
Metro by T-Mobile has brought back its $40 switcher unlimited data plan. As observed by Wave7 Research and @tracfoneguy, the plan has been quietly hiding in Walmart stores for the last several weeks. However, Metro has just moved the offer into its dealer stores. Metro’s $40 Switcher Unlimited Plan Offer
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Metro By T-Mobile First Holiday 2021 TV Ad

Prepaid Providers Ramp Up Holiday Advertising With Metro By T-Mobile Leading The Way

Joe Paonessa - Nov 17, 2021
‘Tis the season to advertise. And prepaid providers are doing just that as they start to ramp up their holiday TV advertising spend. Cricket Wireless recently blasted off with several new holiday-themed TV commercials. There’s a big emphasis on 5G. Visible also began airing a new ad as did Mint
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Metro by T-Mobile $40 Dollar Unlimited Plan With Mexico & Latin America Calling

Metro By T-Mobile Has New $40 Unlimited Plan Promo With International Calling To Mexico & Latin American Countries

Joe Paonessa - Sep 27, 2021
Metro by T-Mobile has a new $40/month unlimited plan switcher offer out. The plan includes unlimited 4G LTE/5G data and unlimited calling and texting to Mexico. Calling and texting to 20 Latin American countries is also included. Switchers to the plan are eligible for a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.
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New Metro By T-Mobile TV Ad Touts $25 Unlimited Plan

Metro Has Launched New TV Ads To Support Latest Offers

Joe Paonessa - Aug 16, 2021
Metro by T-Mobile has launched two new TV ads to support some of its recent deal launches. Wave7 Research described the new ads in a prepaid report just sent out by the firm to its subscribers. One of the ads pitches Metro’s free iPhone 12 Mini offer and the other
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Metro by T-Mobile $25 Unlimited Plan With Free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Switcher Offer

Metro By T-Mobile’s $25 Unlimited Plan Is Live, Of Course There’s Fine Print

Joe Paonessa - Jul 29, 2021
Yesterday, with its usual pomp and circumstance, T-Mobile unveiled a new switcher promo for Metro by T-Mobile telling customers they can save half off Boost Mobile and Cricket’s top plans. The new deal went live today. Customers that switch to Metro by T-Mobile can get an unlimited 5G data plan
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Metro by T-Mobile $5 First Month BYOD Unlimited Plan Offer (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

Metro Offers First Month Of Unlimited Data At $5 For BYOD, Closes More Than 2,500 Stores

Joe Paonessa - Jul 5, 2021
Metro by T-Mobile has a $5 bring your own device offer running. The promotion does not appear to be getting heavily marketed. The firm Wave7 Research recently reported seeing minor signage for the deal at Metro stores. No TV, radio, or online video ads have been observed promoting it. Still,
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Wave7 Research Observed In Store Signage Highlighting Metro by T-Mobile's Trade-In Program

Boost And Metro Move In Unison With Increased Fees And Device Trade-In Program

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2021
Boost Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile appear to be moving in similar directions. A new report issued by the firm Wave7 Research suggests competition is alive and well between the two providers, but it isn’t all to the benefit of consumers. According to the report, Boost Mobile is set to
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