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Metro by T-Mobile Formally Brings Back Its $25/Month Unlimited Data For Single Lines Offer

Metro by T-Mobiles 25 Month Unlimited Plan Offer Is Now Formally Back
Metro by T-Mobiles $25/Month Unlimited Plan Offer Is Now Formally Back
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For months on end, Metro by T-Mobile has had an under-the-table, unadvertised offer running. Subscribers could get an unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data line from Metro by T-Mobile for $25/month simply by calling up the company and asking for it. There was even a variation of the offer that gave customers the same plan but with 10GB of hotspot. The catch on the hotspot offer was that if you switched phones you'd lose the hotspot.

Now Metro by T-Mobile has formally opted to bring back its $25 unlimited talk, text, and 5G data plan. It can once again be seen on the Metro by T-Mobile website. Metro has been formally offering this plan on and off for at least two years. BestMVNO first reported on Metro by T-Mobile launching such a plan in July of 2021.

The latest iteration of the offer is no different than the last time it was formally available. It requires subscribers to port their numbers to Metro and bring their own phones. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data but no hotspot. Video streaming is limited to a resolution of 480p. Customers that use over 35GB of high-speed data during a billing cycle may have their data speeds temporarily slowed down compared to other customers on the same network when the network is congested. Subscribers that have a number currently active on T-Mobile or active on Metro by T-Mobile in the previous 180 days are ineligible for the promotional offering. This is an in-store exclusive offer. A limit of five offers can be redeemed per account. A $20 activation fee may apply.

If the $25/month publicized unlimited plan doesn't work for you, it's possible you can still claim another under-the-table offer from Metro by T-Mobile. According to multiple Redditors (source 1, source 2, source 3) there is a $24/month VIP unlimited plan available. The plan differs from the $25 plan in that it includes 15GB of hotspot data. It's said to be a customer retention offering. The plan may be available by calling Metro by T-Mobile and requesting it but also may require you to tell them something like you are going to switch to Visible's $25/month plan with hotspot if they can't give you something better.

Just effortlessly switched to the $24 VIP plan with 15 GB hotspot.
by u/AmeriocaDaGema in MetroPCS

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