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Metro by T-Mobile’s 2023 Tax Season Deals Are Out, Include Free iPhone 11

Metro by T-Mobile Free iPhone 11 Offer Back For Tax Season (Photo via Wave7 Research)
Metro by T-Mobile Free iPhone 11 Offer Back For Tax Season (Photo via Wave7 Research)
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The firm Wave7 Research reported to its subscribers that Metro by T-Mobile launched its tax season deals on 2/10/23. The headline deal is that the iPhone 11 is again free for switchers. Metro by T-Mobile has yet to advertise this offer through TV/video ads, however, BestMVNO has noticed audio ads touting it. Streaming audio ads have aired on the Spotify platform with Metro stating no other prepaid provider offers a free iPhone 11 when you switch. Cricket Wireless began offering a $49.99 iPhone 11 for the tax season and Boost Mobile has a free renewed/used iPhone 11 deal through select stores.

Wave7 Research has also noted that Metro has shifted its marketing focus from "the largest selection of free 5G phones" to a switcher offer for a free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. This offer is being supported through commercial advertising. There are new TV ads exclaiming a "Free Samsung Galaxy 5G", one targeting English-speaking audiences, and another for Spanish-speaking.

Free iPhone 11 Offer Details

In order for customers to claim a free 64GB iPhone 11 they'll have to port their numbers into Metro by T-Mobile and signup for their most expensive unlimited plan priced at $60/month. This is an in-store-only offer that requires customers to provide valid IDs that Metro can use to validate their names, addresses, and dates of birth through an independent database. The phone will be made free by way of an instant rebate off the full retail price. Subscribers will still have to pay tax on the device's full retail price and may have to pay a $20 activation fee. Phones that have been active on T-Mobile or Metro within the past 180 days are ineligible for the deal. Only two free iPhone 11 rebates can be claimed per household. The pre-tax season iPhone 11 offer gave subscribers an instant rebate and then a virtual prepaid Mastercard after their third month of payment on the $60 plan to make the phone free. The 3rd-month payment is not advertised as being required for the tax season offer.

Free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Offer Details

This offer has the same requirements as the free iPhone 11 deal except that customers will not have to provide a valid ID to claim a free Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. The only other thing different is that subscribers will not have to port to the $60 unlimited plan. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is free with a port to any plan priced at $40 or higher.

Free Moto G 5G

Metro by T-Mobile also has a free phone offer available online for new line activations without a number port. Customers can get a Moto G 5G for free online with no activation fees when they get a new number on a plan priced at $40 or more. A similar offer is available in stores.

Metro by T-Mobile continues to offer free phones at Walmart as well. A free REVVL 6 5G is the featured in-store deal. The Samsung Galaxy A03s, Moto G Pure, and TCL ION X are also all free with in-store activation.

“Metro by T-Mobile has put its cards on the table for tax season. Its new efforts center around offers of the iPhone 11, the Galaxy A23 5G, and the Moto G 5G as free for switchers. Metro’s offer of unlimited data at $40/month for switchers remains in place.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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