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Metro by T-Mobile Has Quietly Raised Plan Rates And Fees

Metro by T-Mobile Now Requires Autopay To Get Best Rates
Metro by T-Mobile Now Requires Autopay To Get Best Rates
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Just a few days ago T-Mobile had an "uncarrier event" where new plans were launched and one of the new plans offers existing customers the ability to upgrade their devices every two years with device deal pricing. However, the plan changes were effectively nothing more than a way for T-Mobile to increase prices.

Metro by T-Mobile Plan Rate Changes

What T-Mobile also failed to mention in its press release is that it was also effectively going to increase the rates of its prepaid brand Metro by T-Mobile. Thanks to a reader tip, BestMVNO has learned that Metro by T-Mobile quietly increased the prices of its plans and now requires autopay billing to get the best rates. The rate changes are now live on Metro by T-Mobile's website.

Plan prices are $5/month more than before unless customers enable autopay billing. Autopay billing negates the $5/month price increase. Autopay billing will also be required to get a device promo

Update: a document shared with BestMVNO says "only autopay rate plans will qualify for device promos." It is unclear what this means. It may mean that only plans that have an autopay discount option are eligible for promos but not necessarily that enabling autopay is a requirement to get a promo.

Update 2: further documents shared with BestMVNO confirm that enabling autopay billing is not required to get a device promo discount. However, only plans with an autopay discount option are eligible for device promos. The documents also state that at an undetermined time in the future, only debit cards will be eligible for autopay billing discounts. Customers using credit cards will not get the $5/month autopay discount. Metro by T-Mobile is encouraging its dealers to have customers sign up now with debit cards rather than credit cards stating that it "protects the customer from future changes." Autopay discounts will apply from month two onward.

The new autopay change isn't the only plan change from Metro by T-Mobile. The $65 unlimited plan now has 25GB of hotspot data up from 20GB and the $55 plan now has 8GB up from 5GB. Metro's $45 plan with 10GB of data now has 2GB of hotspot data. Below is a summary of Metro's plan changes.

  • 5GB - $35/month or $30 with autopay. Previously $30 with no autopay requirement
  • 10GB - $45/month or $40 with autopay. Previously $40 with no autopay requirement. Includes 2GB hotspot, previously no hotspot
  • Unlimited - $40/month, new customers only, no autopay requirement. No plan or pricing changes
  • Unlimited - $55/month or $50 with autopay. Previously $50 with no autopay requirement. Now includes 8GB hotspot. Previously 5GB
  • Unlimited - $65/month or $60 with autopay. Previously $60 with no autopay requirement. Now includes 25GB hotspot, previously 20GB

Metro by T-Mobile Fee Changes

In addition to the rate card hikes, Metro by T-Mobile has raised some in-store fees. Customers who wish to upgrade their devices will now have to pay a $25 upgrade fee. Previously it was $20. New accounts, BYOD activations, and reactivations are now $25 as well, up from $20. A no activation fees promo had been running for BYOD and non-phones but ended on 4/20. It will now cost $5 to activate any device other than a phone. Metro by T-Mobile has however launched a couple of other promos. Customers purchasing a TCL Tab 8 LE tablet in stores or a Nokia G400 phone will have their activation fees waived. However, customers reactivating services or upgrading their devices to the TCL Tab or Nokia G400 will still have to pay the corresponding fees to do so.

Last month, T-Mobile announced it had come to an agreement to purchase Mint Mobile. The deal won't close unless it passes regulatory approval. The Department of Justice is reportedly considering a lawsuit to block the acquisition citing fear that it could lead to higher prices for wireless customers. T-Mobile isn't doing itself any favors right now with the changes it just made for itself as well as at Metro by T-Mobile.

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