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Metro by T-Mobile Updates $60 Plan, Amazon Prime Will Soon No Longer Be Available For New Customers

Metro by T_Mobile Vix+ On Us With Unlimited Plans
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Metro by T-Mobile has updated its flagship unlimited high-speed data plan priced at $60/month for a single line. There have been several feature changes. The plan now includes unlimited texting to over 210 countries. It also now includes 20GB of hotspot data. Previously the plan offered 15GB of hotspot data.

For the past four years, Metro included an Amazon Prime subscription to customers subscribed to that plan. But that plan perk is going away. In fact, if you head on over to Metro by T-Mobile's phone plans page you'll see that Amazon Prime is no longer shown as a perk. However, for a limited time, thanks to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, customers will still be able to subscribe to Metro's legacy $60 plan and get the Amazon Prime perk. In order to do so, customers must call up Metro by T-Mobile at 1-888-863-8768 and ask for the plan directly.

Metro by T-Mobile may have also eliminated its 4th line free offer on the $60 plan. Pricing for lines 2 through 5 is now listed on the Metro website as follows:

  • 2 lines - $90
  • 3 lines - $120
  • 4 lines - $150, previously $120
  • 5 lines - $180

According to Mil Hustles, a wireless industry insider, the 4th line free offer is still available for now, and Metro's website likely has a pricing mistake.

The updated $60 unlimited plan isn't the only thing to recently change at Metro. In July, T-Mobile announced a partnership with Vix+. As a result of the partnership, Metro by T-Mobile customers subscribed to an unlimited plan get a free year of Vix+. Vix+ is a Spanish-language video streaming platform featuring original series, sports, and live news.

Earlier in November, it was reported by BestMVNO that Metro by T-Mobile is beginning to offer service in Puerto Rico and opening stores there.

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