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Google Fi Wireless On Display At Best Buy
Google Fi Increases Price Of Simply Unlimited For 3+ Lines By Up To $25/Month
Joe Paonessa - Mar 6, 2024
Google Fi has increased the price of its Simply Unlimited plan for customers that have 3 or more lines. Customers with three lines will now pay $90/month, while four-line customers will pay $100/month. Taxes and fees cost extra. All new Google Fi subscribers will be immediately subjected to these rates.
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Google Fi Data Breach
T-Mobile’s Data Breach Impacted Google Fi & Metro by T-Mobile
Joe Paonessa - Feb 2, 2023
T-Mobile has repeatedly experienced data breaches over the years. The carrier announced its latest data breach about two weeks ago. This one resulted in data from 37 million customers being stolen. T-Mobile says that customer information was obtained between November 25, 2022, through January 5, 2023. The data was obtained
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In-Store Best Buy Display Highlighting Free Google Fi Service With Purchase Of A Google Pixel
Google Fi Is Free If You Buy A Pixel From Best Buy Or Bought One In Past 4 Months
Joe Paonessa - Nov 14, 2022
Best Buy and Google Fi have teamed up to offer customers Google Fi for free for the remainder of the year if they buy a Google Pixel from Best Buy. The offer even applies to customers who have previously purchased a Google Pixel from Best Buy. The firm Wave7 Research
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Google Fi Free 2022
Google Fi Wants You Back Bad Enough To Give You 6 Unlimited Lines For Free
Joe Paonessa - Sep 20, 2022
Google Fi has a new promo out to try and win back its former customers. The promo will give former customers up to 6-lines for free for the remainder of the year on an unlimited plan. How To Get This Deal According to a Slickdeals thread, in order to get
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Google Fi $299.99 Samsung Galaxy S22 Deal
Google Fi Offering Up To $500 Off Select Phones, Get A Samsung Galaxy S22 For $299.99
Stephen Vicinanza - Apr 10, 2022
Google Fi is offering deals on select devices when you join Fi or add a line. The deals include discounts of $500, $250, $200, $150, and $100 on select phones for new customers. There is also an offer to receive a $100 bill credit when you switch and bring your
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Google Fi Updating Wireless Plans
Google Fi Updates Plans With Better Pricing, More Features
Joe Paonessa - Apr 8, 2022
Last month, Mike Dano of Light Reading reported that T-Mobile was in negotiations with Google, DISH, and Altice over the terms of new MVNO deals. During a conference call, T-Mobile stated it had a new deal in place with DISH barring regulatory approval. With new deals pending, BestMVNO was expecting
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Google Fi Samsung Galaxy S22 And Motorola Phones Discounted For New And Existing Customers
Google Fi Offering Discounts On Samsung Galaxy S22 Series And Motorola Phones
Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 15, 2022
Google Fi is offering discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, and select Motorola Phones. There are deals for both new and existing customers. The Samsung Galaxy S22 base model phone is being offered for just $499.99.  Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Offer Details Google Fi is offering a $300
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Google Fi Simply Unlimited SIM Kit On Display At A Target Local To BestMVNO
Google Fi Has New SIM Kit At Best Buy And Target That Includes Bill Credits
Joe Paonessa - Oct 25, 2021
Google Fi has launched a new SIM card kit in both Best Buy and Target stores. The SIMs were first spotted and detailed in a recent prepaid report released by the firm Wave7 Research. BestMVNO has observed them locally in each store. The new “Simply Unlimited” SIM kit sold in
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Google Is Running TV And Internet Video Ads For Google Fi
Google Fi Is Airing Some TV Commercials And Internet Video Ads Touting Its Privacy Features
Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2021
A couple of weeks ago I was watching some YouTube videos when an ad played touting Google Fi. This led me to wonder whether Google may actually also be running some TV commercials for Fi. Lo and behold after doing an internet search and conferring with Jeff Moore of Wave7
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Google Fi Has New Simply Unlimited Plan
Google Fi Adds New “Simply Unlimited” Plan For $60
Joe Paonessa - Apr 22, 2021
Google Fi has added a new wireless plan to its lineup. It’s a $60/month “unlimited” plan called “Simply Unlimited.” It’s basically a stripped-down version of Google’s more expensive “Unlimited Plus” plan that costs $70/month. The MVNO announced the plan today in a blog post. The new Simply Unlimited plan comes
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Google Fi 50% Off And Free Motorola Phone Offers
Google Fi Offering 50% Off First 3-Months On Unlimited Plan & Free Motorola Phones
Joe Paonessa - Feb 19, 2021
Google Fi has launched some promotional offers. New customers on a Google Fi unlimited plan will get their first 3-months of service for 50% off. Google Fi’s unlimited plan is regularly priced at $70/month but is $35 through the special offer. Google Fi also has a new free Motorola phone
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Moto G7 Is $100 Off With Activation At Google Fi
Motorola G7 Is $100 Off Through Google Fi, Purchase From Motorola And Get A Free Moto G6
Joe Paonessa - Oct 2, 2019
Google Fi is offering $100 off the purchase of a 64GB Moto G7 bringing the price down to $199.  This isn’t as good of a deal compared to a previous offer from Google.  Back at the end of August, it was available for just $149.99. Still, it is currently available
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Google Fi Now Offering An Unlimited Plan With 22GB Of LTE Data
Google Fi Plans Get An Unlimited Update, Get 22GB Of LTE Data For $70/Month
Joe Paonessa - Sep 17, 2019
Google Fi has updated its wireless plans.  The Google-powered MVNO is now offering an “Unlimited” plan to go along with its standard “Flexible” plan option.  Google is using the term unlimited rather loosely by many standards, as data is not unlimited at 4G LTE data speeds.  Instead, subscribers to the
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Today Only, Google Fi Offering Half Off Pixel Devices
Today Only, Google Fi Offering 50% Off Purchase Of Pixel 3 And Pixel 3XL Devices
Joe Paonessa - Apr 22, 2019
Today marks the 3 year anniversary since Google first launched Google Fi.  To celebrate, the MVNO is offering 50% off the purchase of a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL with activation on Google Fi.  The offer will be valid until 11:59 PM PT on April 22, 2019 or while
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Google Fi SIM Cards Are Now Available At Best Buy
Google Fi SIM Cards Now Available At Best Buy
Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2019
It’s been almost 4 years since Google first launched its Google Fi wireless brand.  That’s a long time for Google to devote to the service. The company, after all, is known to actively promote and throw a lot of weight behind projects to only pull the plug or rebrand them a
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