Today Only, Google Fi Offering Half Off Pixel Devices

Today Only, Google Fi Offering 50% Off Purchase Of Pixel 3 And Pixel 3XL Devices

Joe Paonessa - Apr 22, 2019
Today marks the 3 year anniversary since Google first launched Google Fi.  To celebrate, the MVNO is offering 50% off the purchase of a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL with activation on Google Fi.  The offer will be valid until 11:59 PM PT on April 22, 2019 or while
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Google Fi SIM Cards Are Now Available At Best Buy

Google Fi SIM Cards Now Available At Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2019
It’s been almost 4 years since Google first launched its Google Fi wireless brand.  That’s a long time for Google to devote to the service. The company, after all, is known to actively promote and throw a lot of weight behind projects to only pull the plug or rebrand them a
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Google Fi Offering New Subscribers A $100 Service Credit

Google Fi Partners With Ellen DeGeneres To Give New Subscribers A $100 Service Credit

Joe Paonessa - Dec 20, 2018
Google has perhaps gotten a little more serious about growing its Google Fi wireless brand.  To help make the brand a household name, Google just gave away one year of free service and a Google Pixel 3 to audience members at a recent taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Fans
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Google Fi Now Supports Many More Phones

Google Fi Officially Announces Support For iPhones And Other Devices

Joe Paonessa - Nov 28, 2018
Google Fi has officially announced support for iPhones and other devices including those manufactured by HTC, LG, Samsung and more.  When I checked out iPhone compatibility it came back as being available but in beta testing.  Meanwhile, I also checked out the compatibility of my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S8
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Project Fi Subscribers Can Now Add Children To Their Family Plans

Project Fi Now Allows You To Add Children Under 13 To Your Family Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jun 5, 2018
Today Project Fi added the ability for its subscribers to add children under 13 to their family plan using a Google Account managed by Family Link.  Family Link allows parents to manage their children’s screen on time and usage. Keep An Eye On Your Child’s Phone Usage With Project Fi
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LG V35 ThinQ Is Coming To Google Project Fi

Project Fi Adds 3 New Phones To Lineup Including 2 High End LG Devices And One From Motorola

Joe Paonessa - May 30, 2018
Project Fi, the MVNO owned by Google has announced the addition of 3 new phones to its lineup.  Two of those phones are manufactured from LG and they include the $899 LG V35 ThinQ and the $749 G7 ThinQ.  The third phone comes from Motorola, and it is the Moto
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Project Fi Moto X4 Discount And Service Credit

Get A Moto X4 For $249 With Activation On Fi, Purchase Two And Get $249 Service Credit

Joe Paonessa - Apr 11, 2018
Google is currently running a couple of stellar deals on the Moto X4. Those who purchase the Moto X4 can save $100 on the device and get it for $249.  Those who purchase 2 of them will also get a $249 service credit on top of the device savings. The
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Lawsuit Alleges Project Fi Customers Being Overcharged For Their Data Usage

Project Fi Lawsuit Alleges That Google Is Charging Its Subscribers For Data Consumed Over WiFi

Joe Paonessa - Feb 8, 2018
Several days ago a lawsuit was filed in a California court that alleges that Google is billing its Project Fi customers for data that it isn’t providing for. The suit claims that Project Fi customers are being billed for data that they are consuming while connected to their at home
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Project Fi Introduces Bill Protection With Unlimited Data

Google’s Project Fi Phone Plans Now Include An Offering For Unlimited Data

Joe Paonessa - Jan 17, 2018
Google Project Fi subscribers just got a new featured that Google is calling “Bill Protection.”  With Bill Protection, those that consume more than 6 GB of high speed data in a month will no longer have to pay $10/GB for each additional GB of data that they consume.  Instead, their
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Project Fi Announces Holiday Referral Program

Project Fi Subscribers Will Receive A Free Chromecast Or Moto X4 For Customer Referrals

Joe Paonessa - Nov 21, 2017
Those of you that are Google Project Fi customers may want to make a push to get your friends and family to sign up for the service.  Just in time for the holidays, the Google owned MVNO has announced a new referral program that it is calling Fi It Forward. Through
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Google Project Fi Logo

Project Fi Is Now Available For Google G Suite Customers

Joe Paonessa - Jun 27, 2017
Today Google announced that those who have G Suite accounts can now use their own domains and associated email addresses to signup for service with Project Fi. Prior to this change, in order to subscribe to Project Fi you needed an email address ending in  This change is currently
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Project Fi Multi-line Account Management

Google Project Fi Now Offering Group Plan Discounts

Joe Paonessa - Oct 12, 2016
Google Introduces Group Plans For Project Fi Google has made a change to its Project Fi no contract phone plans.  The US Cellular, Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO is now offering group save discounts. With the new group save feature, up to 6 lines can be managed through one account. Google
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Google Signs Deal With Three For Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi Ads European Partner

Joe Paonessa - Jul 13, 2016
Google’s Project Fi, has added a 4th network partner in “Three.”  Three is the first official European wireless operator to partner with Fi, and 4th partner overall.  The other partners include T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular. With the addition of Three, Project Fi users will now be able to use
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Google's Project Fi Gets 3rd Network Partner in US Cellular

Google’s Project Fi Gets A Third Network Partner In US Cellular

Joe Paonessa - Jun 8, 2016
Google has announced that it has added a third Project Fi network partner which should further improve coverage for subscribers of the MVNO.  The third network partner is US Cellular which is the nations 3rd largest CDMA wireless provider and 5th largest provider overall.  US Cellular provides coverage in 23
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Google Offers $150 Off Nexus 5X to Project Fi Customers

Sign Up For Project Fi and Get Up To $150 Off A Nexus 5X

Joe Paonessa - Mar 9, 2016
Now that Google’s Project Fi is officially out of Beta and open to all, the search Giant is offering a promotion to try and entice you to sign up for service.  The pseudo carrier is offering up to $150 off of the Nexus 5X when you buy it directly from Google
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