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Google Fi Offering Discounts On Samsung Galaxy S22 Series And Motorola Phones

By Stephen Vicinanza – Mar 15, 2022
Google Fi Samsung Galaxy S22 And Motorola Phones Discounted For New And Existing Customers
Google Fi Samsung Galaxy S22 And Motorola Phones Discounted For New And Existing Customers

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Google Fi is offering discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, and select Motorola Phones. There are deals for both new and existing customers. The Samsung Galaxy S22 base model phone is being offered for just $499.99. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Offer Details

Google Fi is offering a $300 discount on each phone in the Galaxy S22 series. Pricing for each model is as follows:

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra - Regularly $1,199.99  Sale Price $899.99 financing from $37.50 per month
  • Galaxy S22 + - Regularly $999.99 Sale Price $699.99 financing from $29.17 per month
  • Galaxy S22 (base model) - Regularly $799.99 Sale Price $499.99 financing from $20.83 per month

There Are Two Ways To Receive The $300 Savings, Instant Discount, Or Bill Credits

Samsung Galaxy S22 $300 Instant Discount Offer Fine Print

To receive the $300 instant discount, buyers must purchase a new phone with a regular talk, text and data plan, data-only plans don’t qualify. Buyers must also have never been a customer of Google Fi before or haven’t been a customer for at least 180 days. They would need to port their phone number from their previous carrier. The discount is applied during checkout and the customer must agree to keep the qualifying phone active on Google Fi for 120 consecutive days. If the terms are not met, $300 will be billed back to the Google Pay account used to purchase the device. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 $300 Fi Credit Offer Fine Print

In order to receive the $300 Fi Credit, the offer can be claimed by new or existing customers. Terms for this offer are identical to the $300 instant discount offer with two big exceptions. One is that current customers are also eligible for the deal, and the second is that customers must stay active with Google Fi for at least 90 days instead of 120 days. If a customer cancels or returns their order they are not eligible to keep the credit. 

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The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G And The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Are Also Discounted

Google Fi is also offering two other Samsung phones available at a discount. Both are available to new and existing customers.

  • Samsung A13 5G regularly $249.99 sale price $199.99 (save $50) financing from $8.33 per month 
    • The $50 savings is in a service credit applied after all terms are met, the same as in the credit terms in the Google Fi Credit deal and for the Motorola phones credit offer below
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G - regularly $999.99 sale price $599.99 (save $400) financing from $25.00 
    • The $400 discount terms are the same as for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Motorola Phone Discounts With Google Fi Credit Offer Deals

Google Fi is offering both current and existing customers discounts on select Motorola phones. The following devices are available:

  • Moto G Power (2021) - regularly $249.00 sale price $99.00 financing from $4.12 per month
  • Moto G Play (2021) - regularly $169.00 sale price $49.00 financing from $2.04 per month

$200 savings on the Moto G Power - Breaks down as a $150 device purchase discount and $50 bill credit, once all terms and conditions are met. The credit will be for monthly service plan costs only,, and cannot be used to purchase a device.  

$170 discount on the Moto G Play - Breaks down as a $120 device discount and $50 bill credit for service. 

The terms for the $50 bill credit offer are the same as the  $300 Samsung Galaxy S22 credit offer. In order to get an instant discount on either phone, customers must purchase the device and remain active with a Google Fi phone plan for at least 90-days. New customers are required to port-in.  

Offer end dates have not been specified. 

Google Fi is an MVNO of T-Mobile and US Cellular.

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