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Google Fi Is Airing Some TV Commercials And Internet Video Ads Touting Its Privacy Features

Google Is Running TV And Internet Video Ads For Google Fi
Google Is Running TV And Internet Video Ads For Google Fi
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A couple of weeks ago I was watching some YouTube videos when an ad played touting Google Fi. This led me to wonder whether Google may actually also be running some TV commercials for Fi. Lo and behold after doing an internet search and conferring with Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research we were able to confirm the existence of TV commercials. Moore tells me that one ad in particular has aired over 1,000 times since 5/3/21 but only in a limited number of local markets. The ad can be found on and in Google's own YouTube channel. Interestingly, the ad touts Fi's built-in spam blocking ability and its built-in VPN for privacy. The ad states that Fi keeps its users safe and secure from hackers and trackers. The ad finishes with a narrator singing "goodbye everything you can't, hello Google Fi a phone plan that can." The commercial is rather ironic given that Google does not have a reputation for valuing its users privacy. You can watch the ad below.

Google seems to be focusing on this ad in its digital marketing channels as well. It has been viewed over 2.3 million times on YouTube since first launching. I've actually seen it air as a Twitter ad too, which you can see a screenshot of down below.

Google Fi Twitter Ad
Google Fi Twitter Ad

Google is also airing several other ads through its digital channels. And iSpot.TV suggests that two other ads may have aired briefly on TV. One of the other ads also touts Fi's spam blocking ability, and the third tells viewers to basically say goodbye to having to leave their house just to switch phone plans, you can do it from your couch with Fi. Both ads end with what is now Google Fi's tagline "A phone plan that can." The switching from your couch video ad has been viewed more than 435,000 times on YouTube while the other only viewed just under 19,000 times. Both videos are embedded below.


Jeff Moore tells me has no memory of seeing any Google Fi ads on TV before and his research hasn't turned up anything to suggest otherwise. These could be Google Fi's first ever TV commercials. I vaguely seem to recall seeing other ads before, but they very well could have just been internet video ads. Google has shot plenty of video ads over the years for Fi dating back to when "Google Fi" was called "Project Fi." You can view a sampling of three of those ads through this link and three more here.

“This is an important development because Google’s deep pockets and digital reach give it the opportunity to have an impact on the market, if Google plays its cards right. Running a TV ad shows that the company is taking Google Fi seriously, as does the recent launch of more affordable plans.” –Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

Google Fi SIM cards are currently available in stores at Target and Best Buy. And Google may be further looking to expand its retail presence. According to an article recently published in Forbes, Google is set to open its first and very own retail store this summer in the New York City area. Google Fi is an MVNO of T-Mobile and US Cellular and still has access to the Sprint network.

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