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Virgin Mobile USA Is Closing Down (Screenshot From Virgin Mobile Website)
Iconic Brand Virgin Mobile USA Is Closing, Subscribers Will Be Transferred To Boost Mobile
Joe Paonessa - Jan 7, 2020
An iconic wireless brand has quietly announced that it is discontinuing service.  Virgin Mobile USA is migrating all of its customers to Boost Mobile.  Customer migration will take place in early February.  Virgin Mobile subscribers were notified of the upcoming change by way of a text message.  Sprint and Virgin
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Virgin Mobile Brand Pulled Out Of Local Walmart, Photo October 11, 2019
Virgin Mobile Has Been Pulled Out Of Walmart
Joe Paonessa - Nov 13, 2019
Sprint owned Virgin Mobile has had a rough couple of years.  Scratch that, several years.  The brand’s struggles have been well documented. In 2016, Virgin Mobile reformulated its wireless plans as a half-hearted attempt at a relaunch of sorts.  The move was short-lived.  A year later Virgin Mobile got a
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Virgin Mobile Discontinues iPhone Only Inner Circle Plan
Virgin Mobile No Longer An iPhone Only Service Provider
Joe Paonessa - Aug 30, 2018
A little over a year ago Virgin Mobile rebranded itself as an iPhone only prepaid provider that only offered one phone plan.  The plan cost $50 a month for unlimited everything, although new subscribers were able to get up to a year of service for just $1.  Virgin Mobile called
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Virgin Mobile Lays Off Large Part Of Work Force, Exits Target
Virgin Mobile Death Watch? Company Lays Off Large Part Of Work Force, Exits Target
Joe Paonessa - Jul 12, 2018
Late in 2016 Virgin Mobile relaunched itself with a new set of phone plans.  That relaunch lasted less than a year as by the summer of 2017 Virgin Mobile had again relaunched and re-branded itself this time as an iPhone only carrier. Virgin Mobile USA is a prepaid wireless brand
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Virgin Mobile Giving 150 Dollar Visa Prepaid Card With iPhone Purchase
Virgin Mobile Giving Away $150 Visa Prepaid Card With Purchase Of An iPhone Plus 6 Months Service For $6
Joe Paonessa - Dec 16, 2017
Virgin Mobile has been rolling out deal after deal.  A few weeks ago the Sprint owned prepaid brand was offering a $75 Amazon gift card to those who made the switch to Virgin Mobile’s Inner Circle plan.  The deal also included 6 months of service for just $1/month, on a plan
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Virgin Mobile 2017 Holiday Promo With Amazon Gift Card
Switch To Virgin Mobile And Get A $75 Amazon Gift Card And 6 Months Of Service For $6
Joe Paonessa - Nov 29, 2017
A few weeks ago Virgin Mobile brought back its $6 for 6 months of service promotion.  Now the Sprint owned prepaid brand is about to make a good deal even better.  Those that subscribe to the plan will also get a $75 Amazon gift card. Those wanting to take advantage
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Virgin Mobile Offering 6 Months Of Service For $6
Virgin Mobile Once Again Brings Back 6 Months Of Service For $6
Joe Paonessa - Nov 21, 2017
Virgin Mobile earlier this year rebranded itself as an iPhone only prepaid provider. As part of repurposing the brand, a special promotion was launched.  The promotion offered was that customers who bought a new iPhone from Virgin Mobile would get 1 year of service for $1 on the company’s inner circle
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Virgin Mobile Officially Announces Member Benefits Program
Virgin Mobile Offers Exclusive Savings Through A Member Benefits Program
Joe Paonessa - Sep 29, 2017
Those that signup with Virgin Mobile will immediately be able to take advantage of its Member Benefits program according to a press release today from the company.  Virgin Mobile is an iPhone only provider that offers unlimited talk, text and data for $50/month on a phone plan that it calls
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Bring Your Own iPhone To Virgin Mobile And Get One Year Of Unlimited Data For $1
You Can Now Bring Your Own iPhone To Virgin Mobile And Get 1 Year Of Service For $1
Joe Paonessa - Aug 23, 2017
A couple of months ago, Virgin Mobile relaunched itself as an iPhone only brand.  The Sprint owned MVNO stopped selling Android phones and began to offer those who purchased an iPhone one year of service on the Inner Circle plan for just $1. Now the offer has been extended to those
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Virgin Mobile Relaunched Inner Circle
Sprint’s Next Big Mistake? Virgin Mobile Becomes A Provider For iPhones Only
Joe Paonessa - Jun 21, 2017
Sprint announced today that it has re-re-launched Virgin Mobile.  That’s not a typo there, the brand was somewhat re-launched a few months ago with the announcement of Data Love plans.  Sprint and Virgin Mobile have since decided to scrap the Data Love plans in favor of a new plan called
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Virgin Mobile Data Love Unlimited
Updated: Virgin Mobile Now Offering Unlimited LTE Data Plan
Joe Paonessa - Mar 7, 2017
It was just a few hours ago that I wrote about how unlimited lte data has become the latest buzz word in mobile.  Well, it seems that yet another provider has decided that it needs to offer such a plan as well.  This time it’s Virgin Mobile, one of the prepaid brands
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Huawei Union Virgin Mobile Sale
Best Buy Has the Huawei Union For $29.99
Joe Paonessa - Jan 11, 2016
Best Buy is currently selling the Virgin Mobile Huawei Union for $29.99.  The phone is said to work with Ringplus and other Sprint MVNOs such as Ting. The Huawei Union features the following: 1.1 GHz Quand Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 MSM8909 processor Android 5.1 Lollipop 5.0MP rear facing camera but
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Virgin Mobile Data Free Music
Virgin Mobile Adds Data Free Streaming Music
Joe Paonessa - Oct 8, 2015
Virgin Mobile, a prepaid wireless Sprint MVNO has announced that starting on October 9th you’ll be able to stream music from select providers without having it count against your high speed 4G LTE data cap. The company is appropriately calling this feature #DataFreeMusic. Since Virgin Mobile is actually owned by
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Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans
Virgin Mobile Alters Plans Mobile Unlimited Plans, Are They For The Better?
Joe Paonessa - Sep 1, 2015
Virgin Mobile Announces Changes to its Unlimited Plans Sprint owned Virgin Mobile has once again decided to alter pricing of its Mobile Unlimited Plans.  The pricing of these new plans leaves me generally baffled as to what they are trying to accomplish because in some cases they seem in direct
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Virgin Mobile Data Add On Packs
Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile Offer $5 1GB and $10 2GB Data Add On Packs
Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2015
Sprint owned MVNO brands Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile are now offering data add on packs.  The cost of the data add on packs are pretty cheap with prices of $5 and $10 for 1 GB and 2 GB of 4G LTE data respectively.  Unfortunately you have to spend at
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