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Virgin Mobile Giving Away $150 Visa Prepaid Card With Purchase Of An iPhone Plus 6 Months Service For $6

By Joe Paonessa – Dec 16, 2017
Virgin Mobile Giving 150 Dollar Visa Prepaid Card With iPhone Purchase
Virgin Mobile Giving $150 Visa Prepaid Card With iPhone Purchase

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Virgin Mobile has been rolling out deal after deal.  A few weeks ago the Sprint owned prepaid brand was offering a $75 Amazon gift card to those who made the switch to Virgin Mobile's Inner Circle plan.  The deal also included 6 months of service for just $1/month, on a plan with unlimited everything.

Now, in an attempt to attract more new subscribers seemingly at any cost, Virgin Mobile has launched yet another deal.

Purchase An iPhone Get A $150 Visa Prepaid Card

Virgin Mobile is now offering a $150 Visa prepaid to those who purchase an iPhone and join the Inner Circle plan with unlimited everything. Customers will still be able to get the plan for just $6 for 6 months of service.  The $150 Visa prepaid card offer is good with the purchase of any iPhone, used or new.

Virgin Mobile has classified its iPhone's into 3 different categories.  One category is new, another is Pre-Loved and the last is Certified Pre-Loved.  New needs no explanation.  Pre-Loved means used, while Certified Pre-Loved means the device has been restored and if necessary remanufactured to the original manufacturer specifications.

Pre-Loved devices come with a 90 day warranty, a charger, and may show some signs of wear and tear.  A Certified Pre-Loved device however will come with a 1 year Apple Limited Warranty, a brand-new extended-life battery, Apple EarPods and a charger.

iPhone models from the last several years are being sold by Virgin Mobile.  Available models include:

  • iPhone 6s starting at $229.99 for Pre-Loved
  • iPhone SE starting at $279 for new
  • iPhone 6S Plus starting at $279.99 for Pre-Loved
  • iPhone 7 starting at $299.99 for Pre-Loved
  • iPhone 7 Plus starting at $349.99 for Pre-Loved
  • iPhone 8, starting at $699.99 for new
  • iPhone 8 Plus starting at $799.99 for new
  • iPhone X starting at $999.99 for new

As long as Sprint coverage is good in your area and your an iPhone fan, this offer is currently one of the best phone plan deals around.  It beats a recent offer from BH Photo and Republic Wireless that includes 6 months of phone service for free.  Unlike Virgin Mobile's offer, Republic's does not include unlimited data.

This deal from Virgin Mobile will be available until 12/21/17 or while supplies last.

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