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Virgin Mobile Once Again Brings Back 6 Months Of Service For $6

By Joe Paonessa – Nov 21, 2017
Virgin Mobile Offering 6 Months Of Service For $6
Virgin Mobile Offering 6 Months Of Service For $6

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Virgin Mobile earlier this year rebranded itself as an iPhone only prepaid provider.

As part of repurposing the brand, a special promotion was launched.  The promotion offered was that customers who bought a new iPhone from Virgin Mobile would get 1 year of service for $1 on the company's inner circle unlimited data plan.  Later the offer was extended to include customers who wanted to bring their own iPhone to the network.

Since then, Virgin Mobile has put together several other promotions.  Announced just a few days ago, the latest offer is for 6 months of service for $6.  The offer is valid for those who want to purchase an iPhone from the company and for those who already have one of their own.

To get this offer, you must be porting your number into Virgin Mobile and you must enable auto pay billing in your account.  The 6 months of service for $6 promotion excludes taxes.  After the promotional period ends subscribers will have to pay the regular price of $50/month for the plan.  Mobile hotspot can be added to the plan at a cost of $10/month for unlimited data with the first 10GB at high speeds.

Besides including unlimited LTE data, Virgin Mobile's inner circle plan also includes unlimited talk and text with 800 minutes of domestic voice roaming.  Domestic data roaming is also included to the tune of 100 MB.

Virgin Mobile's unlimited data plan also has a few limitations.  Mobile-optimized video streams at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500 kbps, and gaming streams at up to 2 Mbps.  Once more than 23 GB of high speed data is consumed in a month, data speeds may be temporarily slowed down .

Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and thus operates on the Sprint network.  This offer from Virgin Mobile might just be the best deal around in wireless, as long as you are ok with service on the Sprint network.

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