PIX Wireless Launches PIX Emerald Plans On The AT&T Network

PIX Wireless Adds AT&T As A Network Partner, Pricing Starts At $15/Month For 1GB LTE Data

Joe Paonessa - Jun 24, 2019
PIX Wireless may already be selling what is the best value monthly plan on the Verizon network.  The company launched plans on the Verizon network under the plan name “PIX Silver” in late 2018.  The BestMVNO pick for the top valued PIX Silver plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data
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Pix Wireless Has Updated Its Phone Plans With New Pricing And Service On Verizon

Pix Wireless Updated Plans To Add America’s Largest LTE Network As A Partner, Get 2GB Data For $20/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jan 8, 2019
Pix Wireless has updated its wireless plans.  The prepaid provider is now offering MVNO plans on both the Sprint and America’s largest LTE network with pricing the same on both networks.  While Pix Wireless does not disclose who “America’s largest LTE network” is on their website, from their coverage map
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Pix Wireless Now On America's Largest GSM Network

PIX Wireless Adds America’s Largest GSM Network As An MVNO Partner, Continues To Offer A La Carte Pricing

Joe Paonessa - Jul 25, 2016
Pix Wireless, an MVNO that originally launched over a year ago as a Sprint MVNO is now offering service on America’s largest GSM network.  America’s largest GSM network continues to be AT&T although T-Mobile continues to work hard to catch up. With the addition of a new network partner, PIX
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$54 10 GB 4G LTE Data on Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless Updates Unlimited Plans to Include Significantly More Data

Joe Paonessa - Sep 7, 2015
Pix Wireless, a Sprint MVNO, recently updated some of their unlimited monthly plans making them more competitive in the market place.  The plans that got updated range in price from $34-$54 and are as follows: The $34 plan saw data increase from 750 MB to 1 GB of 4G LTE
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Pix Wireless

Pix Wireless INC Launches Sprint MVNO “Pix Wireless”

Joe Paonessa - Apr 18, 2015
 PIX Wireless INC, a company that also runs Español Mobile recently launched a new wireless brand “Pix Wireless”.  Just like Español Mobile, the plans will utilize the Sprint Network for service. This new brand utilizes Sprint’s 4G LTE data pipeline, and all base plans appear to include unlimited data
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