$54 10 GB 4G LTE Data on Pix Wireless


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$54 10 GB 4G LTE Data on Pix WirelessPix Wireless, a Sprint MVNO, recently updated some of their unlimited monthly plans making them more competitive in the market place.  The plans that got updated range in price from $34-$54 and are as follows:

  • The $34 plan saw data increase from 750 MB to 1 GB of 4G LTE data and the $39 plan which contained 1 GB of data was eliminated.
  • The $44 plan is new and comes with 5 GB of 4G LTE data
  • The $59 plan which included 3 GB of data got eliminated and replaced by a plan with 10 GB of data costing $54.

All the monthly plans listed here include unlimited talk, text and data with data speeds throttled to 128 kbps once the 4G allotments get used up.

Pix Wireless allows you to bring your own Sprint, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile device over to their MVNO with 0$ in activation fees.  If you don't already have a device, Pix Wireless offers a limited selection of mostly older devices that you can purchase with a 10% discount for following or liking them on Twitter or Facebook.

Competitive Analysis

Pix Wireless's new plans, particularly the $44 and $54 plans are pretty competitive in the marketplace although not necessarily by huge margins.  The $44 plan undercuts such Sprint MVNO brands like Straight Talk Wireless, Net10 and Boost Mobile which offer similar plans by $1.  The $55 plan undercuts Boost Mobile's by $1 as well.  No other plan as far as I know offers more 4G LTE data for less.

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