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So, I am now in my 2nd month of using PIX Wireless. The actual cell service seems to be fine, but the customer service and been bungled since day one.

I ordered my PIX Silver sim card and it arrived pretty quick ($11.99), but is a little high priced as SIM cards go.

So, after getting the SIM card, I go on line to set up my account and port over my number. Get all the way to the payment part and the system throws an error. Try again, another error. I enable the online chat and the individual essentially tries a third time with the web site. Finally, they use their in house system to create the account. However, unknown to me or the CS rep, 4 different accounts were actually created….with the same iemi number. Took them a few days to sort out and give me on line access to my account.

Then, I noticed I am not getting notified when I get voicemail and I could not get WIFI calling to work. CS was clueless and said they would escalate the call. Waited 5 days and called……they took care of the voice mail while I was on the line, but insisted if I did not wee the WIFI calling as an option then my phone did have the capability. Lengthy discussion including me asking what phones they supported WIF calling on…..and response was ‘many’. Finally found someone who admitted they did not support it on my phone (LG V20).

Then, to start my 2nd month of service, I go top call my brother a week the day after service renewed, call does not go through to him, but goes to PIX. CS rep had no clue why….said I must have not renewed my service…..but charge was already on my CC. Not sure what they did and was assured it would not happen again?????

Finally, the web site advertises USA based support. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

In closing, would be fine if I never had to deal with their customer service, but know it ios just a matter of time……so off we go looking for a better experience!

Ed D

I switched to PIX’s silver plan and was totally impressed. Porting number was fast, setup easy and painless. Had a question on billing and it was answered immediately. My service here in NC improved quite a bit over previous carrier. Cost per month includes taxes and fees. I have a moto G6 which set all necessary apn’s and network settings.