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Things To Know About Reach Mobile

Reach Mobile At A Glance

Reach Mobile small logo
Year Founded: 2018
Networks Used: Verizon
LTE Bands Used: 2, 4, 13,
Support For BYOD: Yes
Sells Phones: No
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? No
Online Payment Options: Credit Cards

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 1-844-445-3665

Reach Mobile, Suite 203, 2ndFloor, 285 Billerica Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824.

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Reach Mobile An Overview

Reach Mobile launched as a wireless service in late 2018 and runs on both the AT&T and Verizon networks.  However, in November of 2019, the company had to temporarily stop allowing new activations on the AT&T network.

Reach Mobile operates as a charity focused MVNO with a program called Gigs that Give.  Every month, 10% of a subscriber’s data gets matched by Reach Mobile and donated to a shared data pool which is used to fund and provide connectivity to people in need around the world.  Example, if your data plan includes 3GB of data, Reach Mobile will donate 0.3GB of data to the shared data pool.  The company’s nonprofit partners that benefit from the Gigs that Give program are located in the USA, India, and Nigeria.

In order to activate service with the MVNO, customers must download the Reach Mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android.  Once service has been activated, the app can be removed.  However, the company recommends that you keep it installed as it can be used to keep track of your data usage, update your billing information, change your plan, reach customer service, add a line, and see your social impact on the Gigs that Give program.

Multi-Line Discounts Are Available

A maximum of 6 lines can be had on a Reach Mobile account and multi-line discounts are available.  Most plans come with shareable data, so if you add a line to a plan data from the first line will be shared with each additional line.  Additional lines do not get their own separate data allotments.  Additional lines can be added to a plan starting at $20/month.

Reach Mobile Is A Postpaid Service Provider

Unlike a majority of providers on the market, subscribers do not have to prepay for their phone service in advance.  Instead, subscribers pick the plan they’d like to use.  At the end of a billing cycle, Reach Mobile analyzes their usage, if a subscriber uses less high-speed data than the plan they picked includes, the company will bill them for the plan that best matches their usage for that month.  Reach Mobile refers to this service feature as Best Fit.  If a subscriber would like to use more high-speed data than the plan they picked includes, they can either upgrade to a more expensive plan or add more high-speed data to their plan at a cost of $10 per GB.  If a customer goes over their high-speed data limit during a billing cycle, they will not automatically be upgraded to a higher-priced plan.  Instead, their data speeds will be slowed down to 2G data speeds.  Reach Mobile plans include unlimited data at 2G data speeds.

Despite being a postpaid service provider, the MVNO does not do credit checks.

You Can Use Your Reach Mobile Phone Plan While Traveling Abroad

In January of 2020, Reach Mobile announced the availability of international data roaming.

Subscribers can use their data in over 135 countries.  In most countries, roaming rates will be billed at a cost of $5 per 0.5GB of data consumed.  Reach Mobile’s Best Fit policy also applies to international roaming data.  So customers only get billed for the international data they use to the nearest 0.5GB, not for the amount of data they picked to use with their plan.  Data speeds will be the same as whatever is provided by the international towers that they are using.

Talk and text usage are also available while traveling in other countries.  Voice minutes start at 1¢/minute and do vary based on the country.  Incoming messages are billed at a flat rate of 5¢ per message and outgoing messages are billed at a flat rate of 44¢ per message sent.

Where To Buy Reach Mobile Service Plans And SIM Cards

Customers must buy SIM cards and plans directly from the Real Mobile website. 

Supported Phones And BYOD Devices

Real Mobile does not sell any phones.  Only bring your own device is supported.  Phones that are out of contract and have no financial obligation on them that are compatible with the Verizon network are compatible with Real Mobile.  Preferably, the phone should be unlocked.

Most universally unlocked phones from Apple, Motorola, and Samsung are supported.

Reach Mobile Customer Support

Customer support is available through online chat, through the Real Mobile app, email, over the phone, and by support ticket.