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Reach Mobile Holiday Sale Offers $20 Off Your Phone Bill For 4-Months, Get 3GB For $10

Reach Mobile 4th Of July 2021 Sale
Reach Mobile 4th Of July 2021 Sale
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Reach Mobile, the MVNO that offers connectivity to those in need through its "Get a plan, give a plan" program is running a special promotion for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Starting on July 2 and lasting through July 5, all new Reach Mobile subscribers can get a plan with 3GB of shareable data for just $10/month. The plan regularly costs $30/month. That's a savings of 67%. The discount is available for the customer's first four months of service. After that time, the plan reverts back to its regular rate. Taxes and fees do cost extra. The discount is only available for the first line of service.

Besides the data, the plan includes unlimited talk and text. Data can also be used to create a mobile hotspot. Data on the plan is hard-capped. Once a customer uses up all their high-speed data, an additional 0.5GB of data will be available at 2G data speeds. Once that allotment is reached, data gets shut off until the next billing cycle. Additional high-speed data is available through top-ups priced at $5 per 0.5GB and $10 per 1GB. Customers can also elect to upgrade their plans to one with more data if they run out during a billing cycle.

All Reach Mobile Plans Are $20/Off For Four Months

All other Reach Mobile plans are also available for $20/month off for four months during the promotional period. Reach Mobile's other phone plans consist of the following options:

  • $25/month (Reg $45/month) - 8GB shareable data
  • $35/month (Reg $55/month) - 12GB shareable data
  • $65/month (Reg $65/month) - 20GB of high-speed data per line before throttling to unlimited data at 2G data speeds.

Unless noted otherwise, all plans include the same features and restrictions as the 3GB plan. Multi-line discounts are available with each plan. However, with the exception of the 20GB plan, each line does not get its own data allotment. Data is drawn and shared from the main line's data allotment. Subscribers can switch plans during their promotional period and still retain their discount.

Reach Mobile is an MVNO of Verizon. The company's "Get a plan, give a plan" program serves as a crowdfunding charitable platform. Reach Mobile matches and donates the equivalent of 10% of your plan's data allotment to charities that provide connectivity to those in need. The MVNO also offers what it calls BestFit savings plans. If a customer subscribes to a Reach Mobile phone plan and uses less data than the plan they are subscribed to includes, they will automatically be billed for the plan that best fits their usage for that particular month. For instance, if you subscribe to Reach's $55 plan with 12GB of data but only use 2.5GB of data in a billing cycle, you'll only be billed for the $30 plan for that billing cycle.

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