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Mint Mobile Updating Plans To Include More Data Without Price Increases

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On April 14, Mint Mobile will be updating all of its wireless plans to include more data. Pricing for each plan will remain the same. Here's how each plan will be updated:

  • $15/mo - increased to 5GB, up from 4GB
  • $20/mo - increased to 15GB, up from 10GB
  • $25/mo - increased to 20GB, up from 15GB
  • $30/mo - increased to 40GB, up from 35GB, hotspot allowance increased to 10GB up from 5GB

All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling. Data speeds may also temporarily slow at any time the network is congested. Free calling to Mexico and Canada is included. Every plan except the 40GB plan allows subscribers to use all of their allotted high-speed data for mobile hotspot if they so choose.

Mint Mobile requires subscribers to prepay for at least three months of service in advance. The pricing shown above is the average monthly cost over three months for new customers and for any new or existing customer that purchases an annual plan. Taxes and fees cost extra. Instant activation is available with eSIM. Current Mint Mobile subscribers will see their plans automatically updated to the new data allotments.

Mint Mobile Has A Track Record Of Every Other Year Plan Updates

Mint Mobile has a track record of updating its plans within the first few months of a year and on a two-year timeline. In January 2019, Mint Mobile refreshed all of its plans to include more data. In early 2021, the plans were again updated to have more data. And now, approximately two years after the last data allotment increase, the plans are being updated. In between major plan updates, Mint Mobile has also released new offers at around this time of year. Last May, Mint Mobile introduced the "Modern Family Plan" allowing multiple-line customers to pay for their annual plans in quarterly allotments. And in April 2021, a free trial offer was introduced.

Mint Mobile isn't the only T-Mobile MVNO to have offered improved rates over the years in the spring. Several T-Mobile MVNOs actually improved their plans at this time last year including Tello Mobile, Lycamobile, and Google Fi.

The Mint Mobile brand is owned by actor Ryan Reynolds and the Ka'ena Corporation. The Ka'ena Corporation also owns the Ultra Mobile wireless brand and Plum. Plum is a wholesaler that provides solutions to MVNOs helping them to run and launch on the market. In March, the Ka'ena Corporation agreed to sell itself and all of its associated brands to T-Mobile in a deal valued at up to $1.35 billion. The sale must first pass regulatory approval before it can go through. A potential closing date for the deal has not been specified other than "later this year."

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