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Lycamobile Updates Plans, Get 18GB For $33/Month

Lycamobile April 2022 Cell Phone Plan Updates
Lycamobile April 2022 Cell Phone Plan Updates
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Lycamobile has updated its wireless plans. Wave7 Research detailed the changes in a prepaid report that the firm just sent out to its subscribers. The changes likely took place on April 5th. In a roundabout way that we'll get back to, the $33 plan now includes 18GB of 5G/4G LTE data up from 15GB. The $29 plan has been downgraded. It now includes 6GB of high-speed data before throttling. Previously it had 7GB. Lycamobile has also updated its family plan offering to include more data.

Lycamobile's $33 Plan Change Isn't Exactly Straightforward

Lycamobile's $33 plan update to 18GB isn't exactly straightforward. It actually only comes with 12GB of high-speed data for the first month, then the allotment increases to 18GB in month two where it stays for every month thereafter. Data speeds are throttled to 2G once the high-speed allotment is reached. Lycamobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile and the provider states that its plans are always deprioritized. That means during times the network is heavily congested, Lycamobile subscribers will experience slower data speeds compared to T-Mobile's postpaid customers.

The $33 plan also includes unlimited international talk and text to over 75 countries. New customers on the plan pay just $25 for their first month of service. Customers that enable autopay billing will pay just $25/month for their next two months of service thereafter. Lycamobile does charge an additional 5% for what it calls a regulatory recovery fee.

This plan change is a bit of an oddity. Lycamobile does not state why it takes until the second month of service for the plan's high-speed data allotment to be maximized. However, it would appear to be a move to incentivize its customers to stay with the brand. It may also help to reduce financial loss in the event its $25 promo price attracts a lot of deal hoppers or customers that frequently switch providers to get the best deal available.

Lycamobile's $29 Plan Update Is All That It Appears To Be

In contrast to the $33 plan update, Lycamobile's $29 plan update is what you see is what you get. The plan includes unlimited everything with the first 6GB of data available at 5G/4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds. It also includes unlimited talk and text to 75 countries. Customers who signup for autopay on the plan will pay just $19/month for their first three months of service. After the third month, if autopay billing stays enabled the price of the plan is $26/month.

Article Update: Lycamobile's Family Plan Has Been Updated With More Data And Higher Pricing

Lycamobile has also made a big update to its family plan offering. It's based on Lycamobile's $50 single-line plan that includes 40GB of high-speed data.

Previously Lycamobile offered two family plans with 7GB of high-speed data and 15GB per line. Those two plan options seem to have been eliminated. Below is a table comparing Lycamobile's old family plan options vs the new.

Lycamobile Old Family Plan Pricing Vs New
7GB Family Plan Discontinued15GB Family Plan DiscontinuedNew 40GB Family Plan
2-Line Price$54$69$75
3-Line Price$79$99$100
4-Line Price$104$129$125
5-Line Price$129$159$150


The new family plan includes unlimited everything with data speeds slowed to 2G once the high-speed data allotment has been reached. It also includes unlimited international calling and texting to over 75 countries. Additional data add-ons are available priced at $5 for 2GB and $10 for 5GB.

Other Lycamobile Deals Include 20% Unlimited Plan

Lycamobile is offering various deals on its other phone plans. New lines only can get 20% off the following plans:

  • $19 Plan -  2GB of LTE/5G data. Discounted price is $15.20
  • $23 Plan -  3GB of LTE/5G data + $1.5 international calling credit. Discounted price is $18.40
  • $39 Plan -  15GB of LTE/5G data + $10 international calling credit. Discounted price is $31.20
  • $50 Plan -  40GB of LTE/5G data + $10 international calling credit Discounted price is $40
  • $59 Plan -  60GB of LTE/5G data + $10 international calling credit Discounted price is $47.20

All plans include unlimited everything with data speeds throttled to 2G once each plan's high-speed allotment has been reached. All plans include international calling and texting to 75 countries.

Lycamobile is a bit unclear about its hotspot policies. Its plan details page says all plans are hotspot capable. However, its terms and conditions page states that the $50 and $59 plans do not offer hotspot data. I'm inclined to believe the terms and conditions page is correct and that Lycamobile would not want to be on the hook for having to pay T-Mobile for the increased likelihood that its consumers would use all the data on those plans if they were fully hotspot capable.

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