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Lycamobile News

Lycamobile Updates Wireless Plans In Summer Of 2021

Lycamobile Updates Plans, You Can Now Get 15GB For $25

Joe Paonessa - Sep 3, 2021
Lycamobile has updated one of its wireless plans. Wave7 Research detailed the change in a report the firm just sent out to its subscribers. Lycamobile’s $33 plan got a price reduction AND a data increase. The price of the plan has been reduced to $25/month plus tax and it now
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Lycamobile Unlimited Plan Promo

Lycamobile Updates Plans And Promos, Get 40GB For $29.99

Joe Paonessa - May 3, 2021
Lycamobile has just updated its promos and one of its wireless plans. Lycamobile’s featured promo gives customers 40GB of high-speed monthly data for just $29.99/month for their first 3-months of wireless service. It is currently highlighted on Lycamobile’s homepage and impossible to miss. This deal is a replacement for Lycamobile’s
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Lycamobile Limited Time Offer Is Unlimited Plan Discount

Lycamobile Deal Will Get You 40GB Data For $40

Joe Paonessa - Apr 12, 2021
Lycamobile is running a promotion for new customers. New customers who signup for their $50 “unlimited” plan will receive a $10/month discount for their first three months of service. That lowers the price to $40/month. Autopay at signup is required to get the deal. After 3-months is up, the plan
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Samsung Galaxy A20 Lycamobile Phone Plan Bundle At Walmart

Lycamobile At, Get A Samsung Galaxy A20 With 3 Months Of Service For $169

Joe Paonessa - Oct 29, 2019
Lycamobile has appeared to move into Walmart, at least online.  @KingOfTechDeals recently spotted a new deal at involving the 32GB Samsung Galaxy A20 and 3 months of Lycamobile phone service.  The bundle package includes a phone plan that gives customers unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 7GB
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Lycamobile Has Several Limited Time Promos Available

Lycamobile Reduces Amount Of Data Included With Several Plans, Still Offering Promos

Joe Paonessa - Sep 19, 2019
Lycamobile has just updated its phone plans.  Several Lycamobile plans got feature downgrades.  Wave7 Research noted the changes in a newsletter the firm recently sent out to its subscribers. Lycamobile Plan Changes Highlighted On September 16 Lycamobile made the following plan changes: The $50 “unlimited” data plan now comes with
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Lycamobile Adds More Data To Select Plans

Lycamobile Updates Plans, Get 15GB Of LTE Data For $39

Joe Paonessa - Apr 8, 2019
On March 25, 2019, Lycamobile updated several of its wireless plans.  The provider’s $39 plan now includes 15GB of 4G LTE data instead of 5GB and the $45 plan now includes 10GB of LTE data instead of 7GB. The changes were noted by the firm Wave7 Research. Lycamobile continues to
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Lycamobile Now Offering More Bonus Data When Plans Are Purchased Several Months In Advance

Lycamobile Offers More Data, Free Phone To Customers Who Pay For Service Months In Advance

Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2019
It was only a few weeks ago that Lycamobile was offering new and existing customers 6GB of data with their $29 plan when they purchased 3 or more month of service in advance.  Now those same customers will get 7GB of data for their multi-month purchase.  If paid for by
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Lycamobile Offering Bonus Data On Select Plans

Lycamobile Now Offering 6GB Of Data On $29 Plan When You Pay For 3 Months In Advance

Joe Paonessa - Jan 21, 2019
Over a month ago Lycamobile updated its $29 plan to include more data.  It got bumped up from 4GB of monthly LTE data to 5GB.  Now the T-Mobile based provider is offering 6GB of monthly LTE data on the plan if you are willing to pay for at least 3
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Lycamobile USA Black Friday 2018 Sale

Lycamobile Announces Black Friday Sale, 50GB Plan Now $25, Most Other Plans Reduced To $19

Joe Paonessa - Nov 20, 2018
Lycamobile has announced a Black Friday sale for new customers.  Plans priced $39 and lower have all been reduced to $19 for a customers first month of service.  The $50 plan with 50GB of data at 4G LTE speeds has been reduced to $25 for the first month of service.
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Lycamobile Has Updated Website And New Phone Plan

Lycamobile Updates Website, Adds New $39 International Plan With 5GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Jul 6, 2018
It looks like Lycamobile updated its website.  According to a Facebook post the change was made in early June.  Lycamobile also updated its website layout at about the same time last year.  The site now has sliders and search filters on the homepage to better help visitors find their ideal plan.  It’s
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Lycamobile’s $19 International Calling Plan Now Has 500MB Of 4G LTE Data

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2018
Prepaid Mobile Phone Reviews recently uncovered a change at Lycamobile. The MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network to provide service to its customers has increased the amount of data included with its $19 international plan.  Previously the plan included 100MB of high speed data, now it includes 500 MB.  The change was
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Lycamobile Adds More Data To 29 Dollar Plan

Lycamobile’s $29 Phone Plan Now Includes 4GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Dec 6, 2017
Lycamobile has quadrupled the amount of data included with its $29 cell phone plan.  The plan now includes unlimited data with the first 4GB at 4G LTE speeds.  Previously the plan included unlimited data with the first 1 GB at high speeds. Lycamobile’s Updated Cell Phone Plans With the change,
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Lycamobile Adds More Data To $35 Plan

Lycamobile Eliminates Select Plans And Increases Data On Another, Featuring 6 GB For $35

Joe Paonessa - Sep 26, 2017
Lycamobile has eliminated 3 of its cell phone plans while increasing data on another. Perhaps the most interesting change for its customers and would be subscribers is that Lycamobile’s $35 plan now comes with 6 GB of high speed data before throttling whereas it previously contained 5 GB.  The plan also includes
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Lycamobile Lowers Price Of Unlimited LTE Data Plan

Once Again Lycamobile Updates Plans, Unlimited LTE Data Starts At $50, New Customers Get 20% Off

Joe Paonessa - Sep 12, 2017
Back in June Lycamobile updated its cell phone plans  to include an unlimited LTE data plan for $55/month.  Within the past couple of weeks the T-Mobile MVNO lowered the price of that plan to $50/month. Those willing to pay in advance for 3 months of service on that plan will be
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Lycamobile Updates Phone Plan To Include Unlimited LTE Data

Lycamobile Adds Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $55/Month, Makes It Easier To Sign Up For Family Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jun 15, 2017
It looks like some changes have been happening at T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile.  The Lycamobile website has recently been updated and it now appears to be much more streamlined compared to its previous incarnation.  All the clutter has been replaced by a more modern looking theme. The company has also upgraded
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