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Lycamobile Updates Plans, You Can Now Get 15GB For $25

Lycamobile Updates Wireless Plans In Summer Of 2021
Lycamobile Updates Wireless Plans
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Lycamobile has updated one of its wireless plans. Wave7 Research detailed the change in a report the firm just sent out to its subscribers. Lycamobile's $33 plan got a price reduction AND a data increase. The price of the plan has been reduced to $25/month plus tax and it now includes 15GB of high-speed data before throttling. Previously, the plan came with 10GB of high-speed data. The plan has been updated multiple times on the year with more data and cheaper pricing.

Earlier in 2021, BestMVNO reported that the plan's data allotment got increased to 10GB up from 7GB. The price of the plan was also reduced to $33 down from $35.

Lycamobile's updated $25 plan also includes the following features:

  • Unlimited talk and text domestically and to over 75 countries
  • $2.50 international calling credit to call countries not included in the free 75+
  • Hotspot capable
  • International talk and text roaming with the purchase of international credits
  • 300 free calling minutes to mobile phones in Mali on the Soltelma network and Senegal on the Orange network

Other Lycamobile plans have also been updated. All Lycamobile plans priced $29 or higher now include unlimited minutes to mobile customers in the Philippines that use the Smart Communications network. And in late July, a new $59 plan was introduced with 60GB of high-speed data.

Lycamobile's newly updated $25 phone plan appears to be an oddity in the MVNO's plan lineup. Lycamobile has another plan with 15GB of high-speed data but it's priced at $39/month. The only difference between the $25 and $39 plan is that the $39 plan includes a $10 international calling credit instead of $2.50 and it includes mobile calling to the Philippines on the Smart network. So it doesn't add up and something seems amiss. Similarly Lycamobile has a $29 plan with 7GB of high-speed data. Perhaps the $39 and $29 plans will soon be updated too.

Lycamobile's Current Plan Lineup

As it stands now, Lycamobile's full lineup looks like this:

  • $19/month - 2GB high-speed data
  • $23/month - 3GB high-speed data, $1.50 international calling credit
  • $25/month - 15GB high-speed data, $2.50 international calling credit
  • $29/month - 7GB high-speed data, $2.50 international calling credit
  • $39/month - 15GB high-speed data, $10 international calling credit
  • $50/month - 40GB high-speed data
  • $59/month - 60GB high-speed data

All plans include unlimited domestic and international calling and texting. They all include unlimited 2G data once the monthly high-speed data allotment has been reached. Mobile hotspot usage is allowed with each plan.

The $59 plan is currently available with an offer for new and existing customers allowing them to get 4-months for the price of 3. Other Lycamobile offers launched earlier in the year continue to run. New customers can get 40GB of high-speed data for $29.99 and 7GB for $19/month. Both offers are only available for the customer's first 3-months of service.

Note, if you are checking out Lycamobile's updated $25 plan located here, you may not see the new pricing on the plan until you add it to your shopping cart.

Lycamobile had a relatively quiet 2020, but has been fairly active in 2021 with plan changes and promos. However, their social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) have gone silent since May. Earlier in the year, NWIDA reported a shakeup in Lycamobile's management team which could be responsible for Lycamobile's more recent aggressive plan changes and promos.

Lycamobile is an MVNO that operates on the T-Mobile network.

“This is a positive plan change, but Lycamobile seems not to be doing very well.  The MVNO has been slipping in our quarterly dealer survey and there was an executive shake-up earlier this year.  Previously, Lycamobile had a booth at the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo, but did not have a booth at the Expo in August.” –Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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