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Lycamobile Updates Plans And Promos, Get 40GB For $29.99

Lycamobile Unlimited Plan Promo
Lycamobile Unlimited Plan Promo $29.99/Month
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Lycamobile has just updated its promos and one of its wireless plans. Lycamobile's featured promo gives customers 40GB of high-speed monthly data for just $29.99/month for their first 3-months of wireless service. It is currently highlighted on Lycamobile's homepage and impossible to miss. This deal is a replacement for Lycamobile's previous offer. The ougoing offer expired just days ago and it gave customers the same plan for $40/month for their first 3-months. Lycamobile's $35 plan has also been reduced in price to $33/month. The price change is very recent, and from the best I can tell the data allotment has also been increased to 10GB of high-speed data up from 7GB. I'm not entirely sure if the data increase is brand new or has been around for awhile, but from what I can tell this seems to be a new change as well.

New Offer Details And Plan Fine Print

$29.99/Month 40GB Plan Data Promo Details

The 40GB of high-speed data offer for $29.99/month is available exclusively on the Lycamobile website and it is only for new customers. Customers must also pay for the full 3-months of service in advance. A total of $89.97 plus taxes/fees is due upfront. After the 3-months is up the plan is $45/month with autopay billing enabled or $50 without. Besides the high-speed data allotment the plan also comes with unlimited internaitonal talk and text to over 75 countries. Unlimited 2G data is available after the high-speed data allotment gets consumed. Coverage is provided by T-Mobile with 4G LTE and 5G data access. Mobile hotspot is not allowed.

$33/Month 10GB Plan Details

The $33 plan includes unlimited everything with the first 10GB of data each month available at up to 4G LTE/5G data speeds before throttling to 2G. It also comes with unlimited international talk and text to over 75 countries. Hotspot is allowed with the plan.

New Promo 6GB 7GB Data For $19/Month

Lycamobile $29 Plan, $19 Promotional Offer
Lycamobile $29 Plan, $19 Promotional Offer

Lycamobile is also offering a promo on its $29/plan that comes with 6GB of high-speed data (Update 6/3: The plan has been updated and now includes 7GB of high-speed data). New customers pay just $19/month for their first 3-months of service when they signup with autopay billing. Customers do not have to prepay for 3-months in advance to get the deal. After the promotional pricing period is up, the plan rate is $26/month with autopay billing. With autopay billing disabled the price increases back to $29/month. This plan also comes with unlimited 2G slow data once the high-speed allotment gets used up. It also has unlimited talk and text to over 75 countries and a $2.50 international calling credit to call countries not included in the 75+ that are free. Mobile hotspot is available with the plan.


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