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Mint Mobile To Add More Data To All Plans, Featuring 8GB For $20/Month

Mint Mobile Starts Off 2019 By Announcing More Data Coming To All Plans
Mint Mobile Starts Off 2019 By Announcing More Data Coming To All Plans


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Fresh off of winning awards for being the most disruptive MVNO and the best value on the T-Mobile network, Mint Mobile is already working on defending its crowns for 2019.

A representative from Mint Mobile confirmed to BestMVNO that a thread recently posted to Reddit is true.  Starting on 1/29/19 Mint Mobile will upgrade all of its plans to include more data.

The 2GB plan options will get increased to include 3GB of data, the 5GB plans will increase to 8GB and the 10GB plan options will get raised to include 12GB of data.  There will be a small price increase for all 3 and 6-month multi-month plans.  The 12-month plan options will keep their current pricing and will continue to offer the best value to customers.  Current customers don't have to do anything to get more data, they'll automatically get it when their monthly plan renews.  A few random lucky customers will get more data added to their plan before the official rollout on 1/29/19.

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What Mint Mobile's New Plans And Prices Will Look Like

Here is a summary of the changes that will take place at Mint Mobile.

All plans shown below include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amount of data at 4G LTE data speeds.

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3GB Plan Options

Options previously came with 2GB of data.

  • 3 months - $25/month, $75 due up front.  Old pricing was $23/month.
  • 6 months - $20/month, $120 due up front.  Old pricing was $18 month.
  • 12 months - $15/month, $180 due up front.  No pricing change.

8GB Plan Options

  • 3 months - $35/month, $105 due up front.  Old pricing was $30/month.
  • 6 months - $25/month, $150 due up front.  Old pricing was $24/month.
  • 12 months - $20/month, $240 due up front.  No pricing change.

12GB Plan Options

  • 3 months - $45/month, $135 due up front.  Old pricing was $38/month.
  • 6 months - $35/month, $210 due up front.  Old pricing was $30/month.
  • 12 months - $25/month, $300 due up front.  No pricing change.

Prices do not include taxes and fees which cost extra and should add just a few more dollars to the total cost.  When I reviewed Mint Mobile, I paid an additional $3.57 in telecom taxes and fees for their introductory offer on their $45 3-month plan with 2GB of LTE data.

Mint Mobile says that they will be sending out an email to current customers notifying them of the upcoming changes.  The email will also include a readout of the customer's data usage over time as well a recommendation for their next plan.  For most, the recommendation will likely be to keep their current plan.  However, if money can be saved by switching plans, Mint Mobile says it will let you know.

Editor's Take

With the plan changes, Mint Mobile's 12-month plans will continue to offer the best value in the business.  There aren't any providers on the market that can match them for value at those price points.  However, at the 3 and 6 month plan price points, competition is a little bit stiffer.  Subscribers will still usually save with Mint Mobile but they may have to weigh if saving a few dollars a month for a multi-month plan is better than paying a little more money for a monthly plan with more data.  A perfect example of this scenario comes when we compare TextNow with Mint Mobile.  Like Mint Mobile, TextNow also runs on the T-Mobile network.  TextNow offers a pay by the month plan with 23GB of data at LTE speeds for $39.99.  Mint Mobile is charging $35/month for a 3-month plan with 8GB of data.  Customers who are afraid to commit to more than 3 months of service in advance may find TextNow to be a better value in this particular case.  Of course, you can see how Mint Mobile stacks up to the competition for yourself when you use the BestMVNO cell phone plan finder.

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Mint Mobile tells me the company has even bigger things in store for 2019.  The plan changes are just the beginning.   I for one can't wait to find out what those changes are.

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2 years ago

Interesting. I still have the wife’s line with them. For one they supportt calling and sms over wifi which works great.

While the data upgrade might be nice I never saw the wife’s line go over the 5GB monthly allotment we are on. For now we will take the upgrade but as we see this comes with a price increase.

Another reason for being with an mvno is to save. While not a deal breaker I shall keep an eye out on where they are headed in 2019.

If an ATT mvno could match mint with wifi calling and sms support I might consider porting.

Also, I wish mint would support more BYOP. I would like to upgrade the wife’s S7 edge to a note 9 or even Pixel 3 but mint’s website for now doesn’t list both as being supported when it comes to wifi calling and sms.

As always Bestmvno, thank you for the service you provide and Happy 2019! I look forward to many great articles. ????