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The latest news from the USA MVNO market and prepaid wireless industries.

T-mobile Eliminates Overages

Joe Paonessa-Apr 14, 2014
Tired of overages?  So was T-mobile, so starting in May, they won’t have them anymore! In a move to simplify things and to stop trying to scare the customer into
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Verizon Now Offering BYOD Subscribers a Discount on “More Everything” Plans

Joe Paonessa-Apr 14, 2014
Verizon Wireless More Everything Rates The price war that T-Mobile seems to have ignited is heating up some more.  Verizon has announced that those who bring their own devices to
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Sprint Offers it’s Own New Prepaid Service

Joe Paonessa-Mar 15, 2014
In an attempt to cannibalize itself, Sprint has decided to launch it’s own prepaid service.  Since Sprint already offers it’s own prepaid services under the brand names Virgin Mobile and
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ATT and T-mobile Offering More For Less

Joe Paonessa-Mar 12, 2014
It seems the pricing wars continue to heat up among the carriers.  First T-mobile announced it was offering more 4G LTE data, tethering, and unlimited international texting at no additional
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Best MVNO’s and Prepaid Wireless Providers Revisted

Joe Paonessa-Feb 27, 2014
     Earlier I suggested that NET10 was the best ATT MVNO and one of the best MVNO’s period in terms of pricing and features provided.  I had used the service
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ATT owned AIO Wireless Lowers Rates

Joe Paonessa-Feb 8, 2014
Recently, to go along with price cuts by ATT to their family share plans, prepaid MVNO provider AIO decided to also get in on the fun.  Their basic plan now
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Ting Logo

Ting Wireless Price Cuts

Joe Paonessa-Feb 8, 2014
Sprint MVNO Ting, has celebrated two years in the business by lowering rates on a variety of plans.  Some have changed by as much as $13, for instance the 2GB
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The Roundup

Joe Paonessa-Jan 14, 2014
In case you missed it, popular Verizon MVNO “Page Plus Cellular” has now finally been taken over by TracFone.  What will become of their service remains to be seen.  TracFone
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AT&T Wants You to Have Data For Free (Sort of)

Joe Paonessa-Jan 7, 2014
AT&T unveiled a plan today offering businesses the chance to “sponsor your data”.   When a business has an ad or app, or a new movie coming out, they’ll allow
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Next G Mobile Says Goodbye!

Joe Paonessa-Jan 3, 2014
In case you missed it, Next G Mobile, a former Verizon MVNO, went offline and out of business as of 12/31/2013.  This is one of the problems of smaller less
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Red Pocket Announces 4g Service Plans

Joe Paonessa-Dec 18, 2013
Red Pocket mobile announced today they will now offer 4G service (via T-mobile) for data only devices.  By 4G we assume they mean HSPA+ which is very fast itself, but
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FreedomPop Offering More Phones

Joe Paonessa-Nov 25, 2013
Update: FreedomPop is now allowing a small portion of BYOD to it’s network although some users are currently experiencing activation trouble.  Some of the phones you can now activate include
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Sprint Blocking BYOSD on MVNO’s

Joe Paonessa-Nov 19, 2013
Sprint has decided to become even more crappy by not allowing customer’s of it’s various MVNO’s to use certain BYOSD (Bring your own Sprint Device) phones on it’s network.  Did
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Sprint MVNO Karma set to Launch on Sprint’s LTE network

Joe Paonessa-Nov 6, 2013
Sprint MVNO Karma is getting ready to launch on Sprint’s LTE network.  Karma is a unique MVNO in that it’s a data only network and they allow you to share
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Samsung Galaxy S3 FreedomPop

Straight Talk Gets The Verizon Version Of Galaxy S3

Joe Paonessa-Nov 4, 2013
Straight Talk Wireless, one of the only MVNOs to offer service on all 4 of the BIG 4 is now offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 in select markets as one
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