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Today no contract Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile announced "unlimited" plans starting at $40 a month.  As we often know, unlimited rarely means unlimited, but we'll dig into this and see what they really mean.

$40 is going to get you unlimited talk, text and data.  By unlimited Boost really means 500 mb of 4G LTE data with throttling above that threshold to 3G.  To go along with the throttling, the fine prints read that video streaming may be limited to 3G regardless of what plan you sign up for.  The next higher up plan costing $50 includes 2.5 GB of 4G.  This is the plan that should offer the best value to most customers unless you are into heavy streaming and large file downloads.  I've recently updated the Sprint MVNO page to reflect this as being the best plan.  The most expensive plan Boost now offers is 5 GB of LTE for $60.  Also announced today is that starting May 19th, you'll be able to purchase the Galaxy S5 on the $40 a month plan.

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