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AT&T GoPhone to add more data for smartphones without a price change

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 24, 2014

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AT&T GoPhone Data

Starting tomorrow, April 25th, AT&T is adding more data to it's no contract prepaid GoPhone plans.   The $60 a month plan will see a bump from 2 to 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data.  The plan also includes wi-fi hotspot capability and unlimited talk.  The $40 plan will include 500mb of data instead of 200mb and 500 minutes of talk. Additionally,  a new plan will be available through Walmart which will include 1GB of data and unlimited talk for $45.  It seems the carriers are really trying to hit on as many price points as they can instead of the one size fits all or limited selection of plans that they previously had. Prices have been falling over the past few months and many people think T-mobile "The Uncarrier" is the one to thank for initiating this.

Things can seem to get a little confusing though with all these plans available under different names.  You've got AT&T, AT&T GoPhone, AIO wireless (also AT&T prepaid), and Cricket.  In the near future AIO will be shutdown and merged into the Cricket brand.

This begs the question once again, why have "GoPhone" and Cricket as prepaid options? Why not merge everything under one brand?  It seems as if AT&T, like Sprint with it's Boost and Virgin mobile brands, is simply creating more overhead for itself.  What do you think readers?  What's the difference between these brands?  Have any of you switched between AIO and GoPhone?  Does AT&T give data network preference to one brand over another as it does with it's MVNO's as I previously mentioned here?


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