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FreedomPop to Add More MVNO Partners?

By Joe Paonessa – May 7, 2014

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Word on the street is that Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is looking to expand its service coverage by partnering with AT&T or T-mobile.  I cannot vouch for T-mobile as an MVNO partner but my experience with AT&T was less than desirable due to the delayed push notifications caused by AT&T's preference for it's own customers.  This comes on the heels of FreedomPops plans for international expansion as well as offering more devices.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols is interested in partnering with a GSM provider so that they can offer sim devices which would also presumably make it easier to get BYOD users on board. FreedomPop hopes to have a deal in place in the 2nd half of 2014, and they claim that their business model is doing well enough that they can now support two carriers. FreedomPop wants to push a SIM-OTT app model, in which the app would function similar to skype in offering free voice and text. Also in the coming months the MVNO plans to start offering Sprint Spark based phones as well as more modern high end phones.


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