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Text to 911 About to Go Live

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Starting May 15th, all of the four major carriers in the USA and emergency services will enter the 21st century by allowing texting to 911.  Although the carriers will go live with the service on that date not all towns will.  In the event that you try to text 911 and your local city or town does not support it, you will receive an automated text back notifying you that you need to call 911.   Texting to 911 will require you to include your address in your SMS or emergency respondents will be unable to identify your location.  Currently, the FCC stresses that 911 texting should only be used as a last resort, phone calls are still preferred and no MMS picture messages are accepted.  In the future one will be able to send mms but that technology may still be a few years away. More information is available on the FCC homepage.

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