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The latest news from the USA MVNO market and prepaid wireless industries.
Virgin Mobile Logo
Virgin Mobile in Conjunction with Walmart to Offer No Contract Data Sharing Plans
Joe Paonessa - Jan 18, 2015
          Yesterday Virgin Mobile falsely claimed to have launched the industry’s first no contract data sharing plans.  Apparently the company has never heard of Consumer Cellular or Ting for
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T-Mobile Simply Prepaid
Simply Prepaid is Simply Disappointing
Joe Paonessa - Jan 17, 2015
T-Mobile Introduces new Simply Prepaid Plans              T-Mobile recently announced a new set of prepaid plans entitled “Simply Prepaid” that I find simply disappointing.  T-Mobile claims their goal here
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H2O Wireless
H20 Wireless Adds 4G LTE Data to its Plans
Joe Paonessa - Jan 12, 2015
Summary of 4G LTE Prepaid Plans Offered on H20 Wireless H2O Wireless has just added 4G LTE data to all of its prepaid wireless phone plans.  It also appears that
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Call Ring Talk Logo
Call Ring Talk Provides a Free Phone Number and Free Phone Calls
Joe Paonessa - Jan 12, 2015
                 Just the other day I wrote about RingTo as a provider of free SMS and voice calls to anywhere in America.  Today I will present another company that
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Mariposa Launching an MVNO Geared Towards U.S. Hispanic Population
Joe Paonessa - Jan 7, 2015
      David Fondots, CEO of Mariposa has announced plans to launch an MVNO that targets the USA’s Hispanic population although no specific timetable has been set.  The CEO
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RingTo Free Calls and SMS For All
Joe Paonessa - Jan 4, 2015
         We’ve mentioned many times before that signing up for a plan with unlimited calls and texts isn’t really necessary anymore these days, what’s most important is to go for
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Harbor Mobile's Plans Summary
Harbor Mobile Offers Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Sole Proprietors Unlimited 4G LTE for $50
Joe Paonessa - Jan 1, 2015
Summary of Harbor Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO rates and plans.          Harbor Mobile has been around for a few months although until now we had not been covering them due
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New MVNOs Debuting in 2015
Joe Paonessa - Dec 31, 2014
      We here at BestMVNO from time to time get contacted by various companies and persons informing us either that they are a new MVNO that is launching
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iWireless Adds New Value Plan and Bonus Data to Another
Joe Paonessa - Dec 29, 2014
iWireless unlimited talk, text and 1 GB 4G LTE data $35          iWireless is a little known T-Mobile MVNO that’s been flying under the radar since 1997. 
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Nokia Lumia $19.99 No contract
Amazon Selling Nokia Lumia 520 Today Only for $19.99
Joe Paonessa - Dec 21, 2014
       Today only, and with just 14h or less remaining on the deal, Amazon is offering the Nokia Lumia 520 for $19.99.  The model is a GSM AT&T based phone,
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Ting Logo
Ting Announces the Purchase of A Fiber Optic ISP
Joe Paonessa - Dec 21, 2014
          Ting Wireless recently announced that they are diversifying their business by entering into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market through the acquisition of a small ISP located in
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Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular 4G LTE
Page Plus Cellular Claims to Have Released Unlimited Data
Joe Paonessa - Dec 20, 2014
Page Plus Cellular is perhaps the most popular MVNO on Verizon, and they offer no contract cell phone plans starting at $12.  Recently they’ve made some adjustments to their upper
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T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 Data Stash
T-Mobile Announces Data Stash – Unused Data Carryover
Joe Paonessa - Dec 16, 2014
T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash with Un-Carrier 8.0        T-Mobile today unveiled Un-Carrier 8.0 in which they announced they will now allow unused monthly data to be carried over to the
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Scratch Wireless
Scratch Wireless Quietly Updates Rates to Include Unlimited Data
Joe Paonessa - Dec 15, 2014
     Special thanks to one of our site visitors”PacoTaco” for spotting Scratch Wireless’s new plan options that now include unlimited data.  Scratch Wireless offers no contract cell phone plans that
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Cricket Wireless Offers $100 Account Credit for Porting Number In
Joe Paonessa - Dec 15, 2014
      Cricket Wireless is offering a $100 account credit if you port in a number and switch to their service from select providers.  To qualify for this offer you must
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