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Google to Offer Mobile Phone Service as an MVNO

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Google may soon offer service as an MVNO
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         Google reportedly is trying to shake up the MVNO and mobile phone world by soon becoming an MVNO itself.  I would have to imagine how they accomplish this would be rather difficult, as Google typically likes to give away its products for free or on the cheap compared to the competition.  In this case Google is said to have partnered with T-Mobile and Sprint to be able to offer service as an MVNO.  That of course means they’ll have to pay just like anyone else to buy wholesale minutes and data from each carrier to resell.

            Reports indicate though that Google will in fact just be selling unlimited data plans using Google Voice/Hangouts as backbone for making voice calls and sending text messages.  It is also said Google may follow Republic Wireless’s lead by primarily using Wi-Fi whenever available for data, and falling back to the cellular network when it’s unavailable.

           If you are a regular reader of BestMVNO, this potentially new offering from Google follows an idea I’ve long been a fan of, seek out plans that offer the most data for your money, with no regard to how many voice and text minutes are included.  With so many different ways one can make a free phone call these days, paying a premium for unlimited voice and text just seems like an outdated concept with limited exceptions.

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