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Verizon Prepaid Gets a Data Boost

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         All you Verizon Prepaid users out there, or those of you thinking of making the switch will be pleased to know that the carrier is increasing the amount of 4G LTE data available on it's Allset prepaid wireless plan.  When first released the plans contained 500 Mb of LTE with unlimited talk and text for $45.  If you enabled autopay you got an additional 500 Mb of data to use for a total of 1 GB. Now the plan comes with 1 GB of data to start, with a boost up to 1.5 GB for enabling autopay.  I have to applaud Verizon for making this change, as it was long over due and makes them more competitive in the market place.

 That being said, if you take a look at other Verizon MVNOs you'll find you'll typically get double the amount of data that Verizon is offering here, however, I guess Verizon still expects users to pay a premium for its brand name and coverage.  As an example and side note, you may be able to sign up with Straight Talk on the Verizon network and get 3 GB of data at that price point.

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