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RingTo Free Calls and SMS For All

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RingTo         We've mentioned many times before that signing up for a plan with unlimited calls and texts isn't really necessary anymore these days, what's most important is to go for plans that offer the most data for the least amount of money and RingTo presents another reason to buy into that philosophy!  RingTo is a company that's not actually an MVNO but rather a provider of VoIP and SIP services that operates using the technology of Bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a company you've likely never heard of, but most certainly should know of or at least know their service partners.  You see, Republic Wireless, Google Voice, Vonage and Skype as well as several others all operate using Bandwidth to power their technologies and to assign phone numbers to their customers.  Bandwidth isn't actually a new comer to the game but many of their partners are including RingTo.

RingTo offers apps on both iOS and Android that operate very similarly to Google Voice/Hangouts offering free voicemail, unlimited phone calls and texts all over your wi-fi/data network. The company operates via the cloud thus allowing you for the most part to be able to transfer in and out of various MVNO's looking for the best value without ever having to worry about porting your number and the hassle that can sometimes be associated with that.  The way it works is exactly like how Google Voice works (except Google Voice now supports MMS whereas RingTo does not) is that you can direct RingTo to forward all calls and texts to any other phone number of your choice. This means that anytime you switch MVNO's you can get a new phone number, however no one has to know about that as you can just give them your RingTo number which will automatically forward to that new number whenever it's called or sent an SMS.  You can even have RingTo forward to a landline number or Obihai device.  This is another reason why if you have good coverage in your area I suggest you give T-Mobile's $30 prepaid plan a try.  To reiterate, that plan includes 5 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited text but only 100 minutes of talk.  It is the plan I've been using for the past year and have yet to find another plan that can truly compete with it in terms of the amount of data offered per dollar.  I use Google Voice via the Hangouts app to circumvent the limited calling minutes.  However, if you are not comfortable with Google's privacy policy, RingTo provides an excellent alternative.

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