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Call Ring Talk Provides a Free Phone Number and Free Phone Calls

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          Just the other day I wrote about RingTo as a provider of free SMS and voice calls to anywhere in America.  Today I will present another company that you've likely never heard of that also offers free voice calls, although they do not provide sms integration as their services our aimed primarily towards businesses.  That company is Call Ring Talk.  Call Ring Talk will provide you with a free phone number if you don't have one and/or even an 1-800 number if that is what you desire.  The company operates as a cloud based communications platform and thus offers VoIP services.  With the service you can make and receive free calls either via your mobile phone or computer.  Other features include voicemail, call recording, email notifications of missed calls, and voicemails sent to your email as mp3 files.  If you were to upgrade to one of their paid platforms you'd get extra features such as the ability to use your own phone number, have multiple users, and a music on hold service.  The music on hold service will allow you to play customized messages, advertisements or music while the person on the other line waits for you to return to the call.  Music on hold provides a way for you to potentially make more money for your business.  Now the whole point of mentioning a platform such as this, is to continue to illustrate a point that I've mentioned before.  That point is that when choosing a plan, I continue to be a strong advocate of not worrying about how many minutes a particular plan offers but rather how much data is included because there are many services out there that will allow you to make free phone calls over data/wi-fi such as this one and others that also include free text messages over wi-fi and data. It is for the reasons outlined here that I continue to use and be a big fan of T-Mobiles $30 prepaid plan that includes unlimited data with 5 GB of 4G LTE and unlimited texts with just 100 minutes of voice in conjunction with Google Voice/Hangouts.  If you are interested in checking out the app offered by Call Ring Talk you can find it here for the iOS version or here for the Android version.


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