FreeUP Mobile Now Offering A Free Wireless Plan

FreeUP Mobile Launches Free Wireless Plan, No VoIP App Required

Joe Paonessa - Nov 21, 2018
FreeUP Mobile is one of the newest wireless providers on the market.  The MVNO launched earlier this year, with service being provided on the AT&T network.  The company launched with aspirations of being able to provide free wireless service to its customers.  Subscribers who participated in the MVNO’s customer rewards program
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FreeUP Mobile Has Some New Phone Plans

FreeUP Mobile Quietly Updates Plans, Featuring 1GB Data On AT&T For $20/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 4, 2018
FreeUP Mobile is a newcomer to the market.  The MVNO launched in April of 2018 using AT&T’s network to provide service.  It is run by Rod Nakjavani, who co-founded Simple Mobile in 2009.  Thanks to a BestMVNO reader inquiry, I’ve learned that FreeUP Mobile now has some new phone plans.  After
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FreeUP Mobile Is The Latest MVNO To Hit The Market

FreeUP Mobile Launches With Goal Of Offering Free Cellular Service To All

Joe Paonessa - Apr 24, 2018
FreeUP Mobile has been beta testing service the past few weeks on what it calls the nation’s largest 4G LTE GSM network. The use of that slogan coupled with the coverage map shown on their website indicate that cellular service is provided by AT&T. The Story Behind FreeUP Mobile The company’s
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