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FreeUP Mobile Launches Free Wireless Plan, No VoIP App Required

FreeUP Mobile Now Offering A Free Wireless Plan
FreeUP Mobile Now Offering A Free Wireless Plan
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FreeUP Mobile is one of the newest wireless providers on the market.  The MVNO launched earlier this year, with service being provided on the AT&T network.  The company launched with aspirations of being able to provide free wireless service to its customers.  Subscribers who participated in the MVNO's customer rewards program could earn themselves free cellular service every month.  Today, the company has taken things a step further with the launch of a new and free wireless plan.  Unlike other free plans on the market, this one does NOT require the use of VoIP for calls.  It operates on a traditional cellular network.  The free plan comes with a combination of either 500 minutes or text messages and 100MB of data with unlimited WiFI on a nationwide network of over 4 million hotspots. In addition to the free plan, FreeUP Mobile has launched a new unlimited plan that features 12GB of LTE data for $60/month.

FreeUP Mobile's Free Plan And New Unlimited Plan Fine Print

Free Plan Details

The free plan will only require users to pay $1.99 to cover the costs of shipping a SIM card out to them.  The cost of the SIM card itself will be $0.  Subscribers can earn themselves more free minutes, texts and data by using the FreeUP rewards app.  FreeUP Mobile's data speeds will not be throttled with the plan, but are subject to the same prioritization policies that MVNOs in general are.  If AT&T's network ever gets congested, data speeds may temporarily be a bit slower compared to those obtained by AT&T postpaid customers.

$60 Unlimited Global Plan

FreeUP's new $60 plan is being advertised as an unlimited data plan.  However, it will only be unlimited in the sense that it includes unlimited 2G data once the plans high speed allotment gets used up.  The plan will come with 12GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling.  The plan also includes unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited global talk and text.

FreeUP Mobile's Updated Plans Summarized

With the new changes in place, FreeUP Mobile's phone plan lineup now looks like this:

  • $0/month - 500 minutes or text messages plus 100MB of 4G LTE data
  • $15/month - unlimited talk and text, no LTE data
  • $20/month - unlimited talk and text, 1GB LTE data
  • $25/month - unlimited talk and text, 2GB LTE data
  • $30/month - unlimited talk and text, 3GB LTE data
  • $35/month - unlimited talk and text, 4GB LTE data
  • $40/month - unlimited talk and text, 5GB LTE data

All plans also include unlimited nationwide access to a network of 4 million WiFi hotspots.  All plans but the free plan come with unlimited global text messaging and talk.  Subscribers can add an additional 1GB of 4G LTE data to their plans each month for $5.  The additional data does not rollover.  Tethering/mobile hotspot is not supported.  Taxes and fees are included in the prices shown except in California where applicable sales tax will be applied.

Shop FreeUP Mobile

In addition to the new plans, FreeUP Mobile is also running a holiday sale.  The company is advertising "free plans, with a free SIM card and free shipping" with the purchase of a phone and use of the coupon code FreeUP.  Four phones are available for purchase and they are:

  • LG B470 3G Flip phone - $44
  • Alcatel IdealXcite 5.0 LTE - $49
  • Nokia 2 LTE - $99
  • Moto G6 Play LTE - $199

Shop FreeUP Phones

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