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Everything You Should Know Before Subscribing


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FreeUP Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Provider Talk Text Data Price
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Free Starter Plan

Network Used: AT&T

1000* 1000* 0 MB $0
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Domestic Unlimited Starter

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 200 MB $10
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Unlimited Global Starter

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 250 MB $15
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Domestic 2GB

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB $20
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Global 1GB

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB $20
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Global 3GB

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB $25
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Global 5GB

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB $30
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Global 8GB

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB $40
FreeUP Mobile Logo FreeUP Mobile Unlimited

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 12 GB $60


Things To Know About FreeUP Mobile


FreeUP Mobile soft launched in the early part of 2018.  It was founded by Rod Nakjavani who is no stranger to the MVNO industry.  In 2009 he co-founded Simple Mobile, a brand that he and his team enjoyed quick success with.    In less than 3 years time, the Simple Mobile brand grew to approximately 1.6 million subscribers before being purchased in May of 2012 by América Móvil.

FreeUP Mobile offers service using the AT&T network. The company hopes to be able to provide free cellular service to its customers through the use of a special rewards program. The rewards program requires subscribers to complete simple tasks such as viewing and printing coupons.  If that was done each day, the subscriber would earn $7/month in service credits.  Other ways that customers could earn account credits include answering simple surveys, shopping online at their favorite stores, referring friends, downloading apps, playing games and watching videos.  There is no limit as to how many account credits can be earned each month, which is a feature that differentiates FreeUP Mobile’s rewards program from many others that are on the market.

Where To Buy Service Plans And SIM Cards

Plans and SIM cards can be purchased online through the FreeUP Mobile website or Amazon.  Some local independent prepaid wireless dealers may also carry the brand.

Supported Phones And Devices

A variety of phones are sold through the FreeUP Mobile phone store, which appears to be handled by a third party.  Both old and new models from brands such as Apple, Samsung and LG are carried.  The MVNO also supports bring your own device.  Any out of contract AT&T compatible device will work.  Most T-Mobile devices are also compatible as long as they are out of contract, paid off in full and not reported lost or stolen.  Universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung will also work.

Customer Support

At launch, customer support was limited to filling out a contact form on the company’s website.

Company Highlights

FreeUP Mobile Small Logo
Year Founded: 2018
Networks Used: AT&T
LTE Bands Used: 2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 17, 29, 30, 66,
Support For BYOD: Yes
Sells Phones: Yes
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price?
Online Payment Options: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Refill Cards, Rewards Program

Contact Information

Phone Number:

Social Media Accounts


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Free up just stopped us from making calls in or out from the iPhone.
We have been and are on autopay for a long time. There isn’t any way to contact them except by message and they may not get back to you for a full business day!
Will move on to another provider if they don’t resolve this quickly.
No record at our credit card that they tried and failed to get the payment.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith

I noticed in your new plans$15 for 0 talk 0 text 2 GB of data… Does that replace the $20 unlimited plan and what is the $25 plan if the $20 unlimited plan is still available what actually available? I have your starter plan currently, but it’s turned off, but left active because I’m unable to use your Rewards program in Biloxi Mississippi I only shop at Walmart and no stores/ restaurants down here used your service. Waiting until I can use your rewards program. also I assume you’ll fix all this when I come back how do I change… Read more »

Joe P
Joe P

Hello. I think you are looking for the FreeUP Mobile website. BestMVNO is not affiliated with FreeUP Mobile. You can contact FreeUP Mobile here.

In regards to their new plans, it is unlimited talk and text for $15/month plus $5 for each GB of data you want.