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FreeUP Mobile Updates Plans With More Data, Free Plan Gets More Minutes

FreeUp Mobile Updates Plans With More Data And More Free Minutes
FreeUp Mobile Updates Plans With More Data And More Free Minutes
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Back in November, FreeUP Mobile formally launched a free wireless plan.  The plan came with a combination of 500 minutes or text messages and 100MB of LTE data with free unlimited access to a nationwide network of over 4 million WiFi hotspots.  Today, the company announced a change to the plan.  It now includes a combination of 1,000 minutes or text messages.  So as an example, in one month you may consume 300 minutes and 700 text messages while in another month you may use 500 minutes and 500 text messages.  The plan no longer includes any free data, but it does retain free access to the nationwide network of WiFi hotspots.

Besides the change to the free plan, FreeUP Mobile has also updated its Global Plans to include more data and has eliminated one plan.

FreeUP Mobile's Updated Phone Plans

Here's what FreeUP Mobile's new phone plan lineup looks like with the changes highlighted.

  • Free Plan - includes combination of 1,000 minutes or text messages
  • $10/month - unlimited talk and text with 200MB of LTE data, new plan
  • $20/month - unlimited talk and text with 2GB of LTE data, new plan

Subscribers to any of the above plans can also purchase add-ons.  Customers on the free plan can get an additional 250 combined units of talk and text for $5. A 200MB LTE data add-on is available for $5.  Neither add-on includes carryover.  There is a $5 PayGo add-on that is available that does include carryover.  The PayGo add-on allows for international calling.

The $10/month plan has the same PayGo add-on and extra data can be purchased priced at 500MB for $10.  The $20 plan also has a PayGo option and extra data can be purchased at a rate of $10/GB.

There are a couple of things to note about the free plan.  Unlike other free plans on the market, this one does not require the use of VoIP for calls.  Calls are placed over a traditional cellular network.  A valid credit card is also necessary to have on file.  Subscribers must also manually renew their free plan every month by logging into their account and choosing to renew.  Customers can also download the FreeUp Mobile rewards app to earn credits to use for add-on options or to upgrade their plan.  The FreeUp Mobile rewards app can be used with any plan.

Global Plans

The following plans all include unlimited domestic and international talk and text

  • $15/month - 250MB LTE data, previously came with no data
  • $20/month - 1GB LTE data, no changes
  • $25/month - 3GB LTE data, previously came with 2GB of data
  • $30/month - 5GB LTE data, previously came with 3GB of data
  • $35/month - 4GB LTE data.  This plan has been discontinued
  • $40/month - 8GB LTE data.  This plan previously included 5GB of data
  • $60/month - unlimited data with the first 12GB at high speed, no changes

Global plans priced $20 and up include the following add-on options:

  • $10 for additional 1GB of data with no carryover
  • $5 for a PayGo credit for international calling that includes carryover

The $15 plan also includes a PayGo add-on and data add-on.  Extra data on that plan is charged at a rate of $10 for 500MB.

Taxes and fees are included in the price of all plans except for in the state of California where applicable sales tax will be applied.

More About FreeUp Mobile

FreeUp Mobile launched in April of 2018 with the goal of being able to provide free wireless service to all.  Based on the MVNOs coverage map and APN settings, FreeUp Mobile uses the AT&T network to provide service to its customers.  The free plan and updated data allotments will help to keep the company competitively priced in the market place.  SIM cards and plans are available for purchase through Amazon and also directly through the prepaid provider's website at

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