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Boost Mobile Slash Your Payment in Half
Boost Mobile Launched New Promotions
Joe Paonessa - Aug 2, 2015
Between now and September 30th new and existing Boost Mobile customers are eligible for the following promotions: Current Customers Current Customers who have been with Boost Mobile for at least 60 days can upgrade for $29.99 to: Motorola Moto E Kyocera Hydro ICON Kyocera Vide LG Tribute 2 for $49.99
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Virgin Mobile Data Add On Packs
Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile Offer $5 1GB and $10 2GB Data Add On Packs
Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2015
Sprint owned MVNO brands Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile are now offering data add on packs.  The cost of the data add on packs are pretty cheap with prices of $5 and $10 for 1 GB and 2 GB of 4G LTE data respectively.  Unfortunately you have to spend at
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Boost Mobile Cut MetroPCS Cricket Wireless Bill in Half
Boost Mobile Offering 2.5 GB LTE Data with Unlimited Talk and Text for $20 if You Port Over From MetroPCS or Cricket
Joe Paonessa - Jun 20, 2015
Boost Mobile, in an attempt to draw customers away from T-Mobile’s prepaid brand MetroPCS and AT&T’s prepaid brand Cricket Wireless is offering those who make the switch over from either, 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text for $20/month.  This would be far and away the
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Boost Mobile Unveils New Plan $30 Unlimited Talk, Text and 2GB LTE Data
Joe Paonessa - Apr 2, 2015
Boost Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Data $30 Boost Mobile just announced a new $30 plan, only available to those of you who enable auto Re-Boost with a 4G LTE device.  Auto Re-Boost of course, is their term for auto pay.  The plan seems to take aim at MetroPCS who
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Boost Mobile Introduces “Todo Mexico Plus,” Unlimited Calling to Mexico and Canada on Select Plans for $5
Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2015
        Boost Mobile is now offering unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada as well as unlimited international text messaging for an additional $5/month to those subscribed to either their $45 or $55 plans.   Both of those plans included unlimited talk, text and data, although the $45 plan includes 5
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Boost Mobile Logo
Boost Mobile Announces Unlocking Policy
Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2015
        In accordance with CTIA regulatory policy,  Boost Mobile has announced its unlocking policy, and it is essentially the same as Virgin Mobile’s unlocking policy which unfortunately for some could be rather limiting.         First off, Boost Mobile says that it will provide you with an MSL
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Boost Mobile Boosts Data Again and Wrongly Claims to Offer the Most Data Among All Prepaid Carriers
Joe Paonessa - Jan 22, 2015
         The Boost Mobile and the Sprint PR machine revved up today with the offering of a new and improved prepaid wireless plan as well as a little false advertising.  Starting February 3rd, 2015, new and existing Boost Mobile customers who sign up for or are on the $35 prepaid
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Boost Mobile Makes Data Boost Permanent
Joe Paonessa - Dec 2, 2014
For the past few months, Boost Mobile has been running a campaign where they’ve simultaneously lowered their prices and doubled the data available on each plan. This time limited promotion was set to expire in the new year. It now appears that Boost Mobile wants to make these changes permanent,
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Sharp Aquos on Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile Has Offered A Deep Discount on the Sharp Aquos Crystal
Joe Paonessa - Nov 29, 2014
Those of you who don’t need a high end top notch phone and looking to join Boost Mobile may have come across this great deal.  With promo code aquosrmn50 you can score the Sharp Aqous Crystal for $59.99(subject to zip code availability).  Without the code, the phone has already been
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LG G2 Headed to Boost Mobile on November 21st for $279
Joe Paonessa - Nov 17, 2014
LG’s top model of 2013 is headed to prepaid wireless provider Boost Mobile come November 21st for a great price at $279.  Even one year later it is still one of the best phones out there.  The LG G2 features up to 32GB of storage, with a 13mp shooter with
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Boost Mobile Extends Data Boost With Double The Data
Joe Paonessa - Oct 28, 2014
A couple of months ago I covered Boost Mobile’s announcement that they were for a limited time going to double the data on their Monthly Unlimited Select plans as well as lower the price of each one by $5.  Good news for those of you who subscribe to them or
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Boost Mobile is Doubling Your Data and Giving $5 off
Joe Paonessa - Sep 2, 2014
That didn’t take long for the trickle down effect to occur.  To go along with Sprint’s recent announcement that they were “doubling the data,” Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile is running a similar promotion for new customers that starts September 3rd and continues through November 3rd.  The promotion involves doubling your data and will
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Boost Mobile Lowers Rates
Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2014
Today no contract Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile announced “unlimited” plans starting at $40 a month.  As we often know, unlimited rarely means unlimited, but we’ll dig into this and see what they really mean. $40 is going to get you unlimited talk, text and data.  By unlimited Boost really means
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