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Boost Mobile Unveils New Plan $30 Unlimited Talk, Text and 2GB LTE Data

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Boost Mobile $30 Cell Phone Plan
Boost Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Data $30

Boost Mobile just announced a new $30 plan, only available to those of you who enable auto Re-Boost with a 4G LTE device.  Auto Re-Boost of course, is their term for auto pay.  The plan seems to take aim at MetroPCS who recently launched a new plan with 1 GB of 4G HSPA+ data for that same price.  Boost Mobile's $30 plan also includes unlimited talk and text, and data with the first 2 GB at LTE speeds, and the plan appears to be a better value than MetroPCS's which has a lot of stipulations associated with it.  Boost Mobile's plan also has a few stipulations of its own.  One is that auto pay has to be enabled or the price reverts to $40/month.  The other, as is the case with all of Boost Mobile's phone plans is that video streaming is limited to 3G speeds.

With this new offering it seems my cheapest cell phone plan list is going to get a new member, and that is a nice win for the consumer.

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