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MetroPCS Launches New Promotion. Unlimited Talk Text and Data with 1 GB 4G HSPA+ $30

By Joe Paonessa – Mar 24, 2015
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      Today, MetroPCS launched a new promotion with no specific end date mentioned.  The plan includes unlimited talk, text and data for $30, with the first 1 GB 4G HSPA+ before throttling to presumably 64-128 Kbps.  There are more caveats to this plan besides being limited to HSPA+ speeds.  No LTE phones can be used and the phone must be purchased directly from MetroPCS.  This is also an in store exclusive.  A plan that seemingly started off with having a lot of potential appears to be flaming out quickly for some of you now doesn't it?

Family Plan

      The MVNO is also offering a discount on this plan if you bring two or more lines to it.  Each line would cost $25, so you could get two lines for $50, 4 for $100 etc. If you don't mind the limited selection and quality of phones that MetroPCS offers, and don't require LTE connectivity this could be a good plan for you.  If you're shopping for bargain pricing I advice you to have a look at my list of bargain priced plans for under $30.


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