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Boost Mobile Makes Data Boost Permanent

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Boost Mobile
For the past few months, Boost Mobile has been running a campaign where they've simultaneously lowered their prices and doubled the data available on each plan. This time limited promotion was set to expire in the new year. It now appears that Boost Mobile wants to make these changes permanent, however these changes will come with a caveat, each plan will now have a $3 surcharge on top of the base rate.  The surcharge gets waived though if you enroll in autopay, a common practice in the mobile service providing world.

Making these changes permanent seem like a smart move and will likely add a lot of pressure to other prepaid providers who simply don't offer as much data per price as Boost Mobile is now doing. As an example, Boost Mobile is offering a plan for $45 that includes unlimited talk and text and 5GB of 4G LTE data in a world where everyone else seems to max out at 3GB. T-Mobile prepaid seems to be the closest competitor data wise as they offer 5GB of LTE data for $30 although talk is limited to 100 minutes, a limit that is easy to work around.

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