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Boost Mobile Launched New Promotions

Boost Mobile Slash Your Payment in Half
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Boost Mobile Slash Your Payment in Half

Between now and September 30th new and existing Boost Mobile customers are eligible for the following promotions:

Current Customers

Current Customers who have been with Boost Mobile for at least 60 days can upgrade for $29.99 to:

  1. Motorola Moto E
  2. Kyocera Hydro ICON
  3. Kyocera Vide
  4. LG Tribute 2

for $49.99

  1. HTC Desire 10

Current Customers are also eligible for $100 off of all Samsung Galaxy Phones or iPhones priced at $200 or more.

If you have been a Boost Mobile customer for 90 days or more you can get an additional 2 GB per month of 4G LTE data by texting BOOST2GB from your Boost Mobile device to 8005.

As is often the case with Sprint based plans and promotions (yes Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint) there are often strings attached.  In this case after texting BOOST2GB  you will receive a text link explaining the promotions eligibility rules.  After 40 more days you'll receive another text notifying you if you quality for the offer or not.  If so, within another 2 billing cycles (60 days) you will begin receiving the promotion.  Doing the math you can see that the time between applying for the promotion and actually receiving it can be more than 3 months long.  I suppose this is ok if you plan to be a long term customer, but why they actually make you wait so long before it actually gets applied seems a bit ridiculous to me. Fortunately, the extra 2 GB of data remains with you for as long as you choose to remain a Boost Mobile customer.

New Boost Customers

New Boost Customers who aren't porting in can get $50-$70 off of the price of select new phones plus a free month of service.  Phones included in the promotion are:

  1. $50 off the HTC Desire 510
  2. $70 off the Motorola Moto E, Kyocera Hydro ICON or Vibe, or LG Tribute 2

Also available is a promotion that gives $150 off all Samsung Galaxy or iPhones priced $200 or more, however no free month of service is included.

Port-ins from non Sprint based MVNOs or carriers other than Sprint

  1. Free phone or up to $100 off which includes phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Prevail, Motorola Moto E or LG Tribute 2

Port-ins from Cricket, MetroPCS or T-Mobile

Port-ins from Cricket, MetroPCS or T-Mobile are eligible for the SLASH your payment in half promotion where for $20/month you'll receive unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data. Activations must happen in-store at participating indirect dealers (excludes & national retailers) and is only available with select Boost Mobile devices. Customers porting in that previously had Boost service within the past 30 days are ineligible.  Not all MetroPCS, Cricket or T-Mobile plans are eligible for discount as will be explained by the store retailer.  After 12 months of service plans will revert to a higher costing plan with similar features.

So what do you think of Boost Mobile's new promotions? Overall it seems like the company is offering some good deals, however, unfortunately in some cases it still seems like there are some hoops you need to jump through in order to qualify for said promotions.


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