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Walmart Family Mobile Double Data Promo: 40GB For $40

Walmart Family Mobile Is Running A Double Data Promo
Walmart Family Mobile Is Running A Double Data Promo
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Walmart Family Mobile has launched a double data promo on its $40 plan. The $40 plan normally includes 20GB of high-speed data, but for a limited time will come with 40GB.

Offer Fine Print

The double data offer is currently scheduled to be available until 7/31/2021. Update: The offer has been extended at least until 12/31/22. After that time, the plan will go back to having 20GB of high-speed data. Walmart Family Mobile is a Tracfone owned brand. Some Tracfone brands have a history of turning double and bonus data offerings into permanent plans. That's not to say the same thing will happen here, but it is something to be aware of.

Walmart Family Mobile's $40 plan is "unlimited" and includes unlimited talk, text, and data with data speeds throttled to 2G once the monthly high-speed data allotment has been surpassed. The plan also includes unlimited international long-distance calling to both Canada and Mexico. However, it does not include roaming in either country, a feature that seems to be becoming more common in this space.

Mobile hotspot is also included but according to some promo materials that I've seen is separate from the plan's main high-speed data allotment. This would be a little unusual so I'm not sure if that's a mistake or not. Normally, hotspot draws from a wireless plan's high-speed data allotment.

Like all of Walmart Family Mobile's phone plans, 4G LTE and 5G network access are included. The MVNO operates on the T-Mobile network. 5G network access is not available everywhere and requires the use of a 5G network-capable device.

Walmart Family Mobile is not yet advertising this offer on its website. It's also not listed on Walmart's website. BestMVNO received a tip from @kingoftechdeals of the deal's existence. Some customers have also confirmed the deal through comments on social media.

With the double data promo, Walmart Family Mobile's plan is now a value leader at the $40 for a single line price point. It isn't the top dog in value, but it is way up there. Visible, Yahoo Mobile and US Mobile represent just a small number of providers offering a bit more value. Visible and Yahoo Mobile both offer unlimited high-speed data at that price point, and US Mobile offers 50GB of data.

Walmart Family Mobile supports bring your own device and sells a wide variety of phones both online and in stores. The online selection is much broader than in stores and covers a wide range of prices. There is something for everyone's budget. For instance, you can get a Samsung Galaxy A01 for $59, an iPhone SE 2020 for $249, a Samsung Galaxy S10e for $599 or even a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for $1399.

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