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US Mobile Now Offers Whopping 30GB Of Data For $30/Month

US Mobile's Updated Plans Feature 30GB Data For $30
US Mobile's Updated Plans Feature 30GB Data For $30
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Back in September, US Mobile debuted a couple of new plans with hard capped data. A $15 plan with 2.5GB of high-speed data and a $30 plan with 10GB of high-speed data were introduced. Today the provider has issued a massive update to each of those plans. The $15 plan now includes 3.5GB of data and the $30 plan now includes a whopping 30GB of data! Taxes and fees are extra.

Like before, the plans come with what US Mobile calls "ludicrous" data speeds or plans sold without data speed caps. This is to differentiate from US Mobile's unlimited data plans which start out with what the company calls "fast" data speeds or plans that are capped with a 5Mbps speed limit. Unlimited plan customers can upgrade to uncapped "ludicrous" data speeds for an additional $5/month.

US Mobile runs on two different networks. It calls one network its GSM LTE network and the other a Super LTE network. The company is not allowed to disclose what underlying carrier each network represents but there are enough hints on its website to deduce that the Super LTE network is Verizon and the GSM LTE network is T-Mobile. Subscribers can choose which network they'd like to use at signup. The two plan updates issued today are available for use on either network.

Update: US Mobile lets you custom build your own plans with hard capped data allotments. Some of the data options for the custom build plans have also been updated. Here are the options that have changed:

PriceOld Allotment (GB)New Allotment (GB)

Note, pricing is without talk and text custom build options added in which are sold separately.

Editor's Take

US Mobile has been on a roll over the last several months. The two aforementioned hard capped data plans were introduced, an offer of 4 unlimited lines for $110 was announced, and a new Usage Analytics feature was made available to help subscribers better understand how they are using their phone plans. The updates have helped to keep the provider highly competitive in an MVNO market place that has more than 50 brand names fighting for customers.

The company's updated $15 and $30 plans offer tremendous value to potential subscribers. There isn't a legitimate provider on the market using Verizon's network to offer more data for less outside of Verizon's own prepaid brand Visible. Visible subscribers can get an unlimited plan for $25/month when subscribing to Visible with Party Pay, otherwise, the plan costs $40/month. On the T-Mobile side, there isn't another provider that I'm aware of offering more data for less either unless you want to count Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile offers customers a plan with 35GB of high-speed data at the same $30/month price point, however, there is a catch. In order to get the plan at that rate, subscribers must either be a new customer on a trial plan or willing to pay for their service for 12-months in advance. So customers unwilling or unable to pay for 12 months of service in advance, now have an alternative provider to subscribe to for a high allotment of data on the cheap.

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