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Visible Introduces “Party Pay” Multi-Line Discounts, New Customers Pay $25 For First Month

Visible Launches Party Pay Multi-Line Discounts
Visible Launches Party Pay Multi-Line Discounts
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Last year Verizon launched Visible, a prepaid wireless brand selling a single phone plan priced at $40/month for unlimited talk, text, and data.  With the launch, Verizon finally had a prepaid brand to compete against those owned by other carriers such as AT&T's Cricket Wireless, Sprint's Boost Mobile, and T-Mobile's Metro-By-T-Mobile.  However, unlike its competitors, Visible is still an online-only provider.  There are no Visible branded stores customers can go to for help or to signup for service.  For better and for worse, everything is handled online or through the Visible app.  Without a storefront and without retail space, the brand isn't exactly well known among consumers.  Judging by the number of downloads of the Android Visible app (50,000+) and Apple App Store reviews (1,000) Visible still has a long way to go in regard to consumer awareness.

In terms of pricing, Visible outclasses its competitors.  Without the overhead costs associated with storefronts, Visible is able to offer an unlimited data plan on the cheap.  Customers pay just $40/month with all-in pricing, taxes and fees included, for unlimited talk, text, LTE data, and mobile hotspot.

With the introduction of "Party Pay" Visible's take on multi-line discounts, the brand aims to further differentiate itself from the competition.  Visible's new multi-line discounts are priced such that 2 lines pay $35/line, 3 lines pay $30/line and 4 lines pay $25/line.  The multi-line discount pricing seems pretty standard for the industry.  Many carrier prepaid brands offer or have offered 4 unlimited LTE data lines for $100, so there's nothing really groundbreaking in the pricing department.  What is groundbreaking though is how customers will be able to pay for their multi-line or "Party Pay" phone service.

Instead of one person being responsible for paying for all lines under an account, each individual party is responsible for paying for their own plan separately from the main or "Party" account holder.  So there's no sending money every month to the main account holder to pay the phone bill.

So How Do You Start Or Join A Party?

Once you signup for Visible, you can simply use the Visible app to create your own Party Pay account under the Party Pay heading or you can join an existing one.  Subscribers who start their own Party Pay account get to choose a name for it that they can share with others who may want to join it for savings.  Existing and new Visible subscribers who don't want to create a Party of their own can simply request an invite to join someone else's Party.  Subscribers are free to leave a Party any time they choose, however, the creator of a Party cannot kick someone out of the Party.  Individuals have to leave the Party on their own accord.  If someone does leave a Party, the remaining phone plan rates will be adjusted to reflect the number of members still in the Party.  You can check out the video below to get a better understanding of how this all works.


As part of the Party Pay launch, Visible is offering new subscribers who start a Party $15 off their first month's phone bill.  So subscribers will pay $25 for their first month of service instead of $40.  The $15 off promotion cannot be combined with Visible's referral program which gives subscribers that signup through a referral a $20 account credit.  It can, however, be combined with Visible's $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual account credit offer.

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