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US Mobile Intros 4 Unlimited Lines For $110, And New Single Line Plans

US Mobile Now Offering Family Plan Discounts
US Mobile Now Offering Family Plan Discounts
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US Mobile has updated its phone plans to become even more competitive in an industry that is overflowing with competition. The MVNO has got some new single line plans that start at $15/month and has updated its family plan offerings to include multi-line discounts. A family of 4 can now get an unlimited plan from US Mobile for $110/month plus taxes and fees.

US Mobile's New Single Line Plans Detailed

There are two new single line plans now available from US Mobile. Both plans include unlimited talk and text and a finite amount of high-speed data.

Here are the new offerings with their data allotments highlighted.

  • $15/month - 2.5GB high-speed data
  • $30/month - 10GB high-speed data

US Mobile offers its phone plans at two different data speeds that the company labels "Fast" and "Ludicrous."

Plans with "Fast" data speeds have a speed cap on them of 5Mbps. Plans labeled at "Ludicrous" speeds do not have a speed cap. These two new single line plans include data at Ludicrous speeds. Hotspot is unavailable with either plan. Data is hard capped, but customers that run out during a billing cycle can always top-up with more.

The two plans are available for use on both of US Mobile's networks which the company refers to as "Super LTE Network" and "GSM LTE Network." US Mobile does not disclose which network it uses with its Super LTE network plans, but their website says it is "the most reliable 4G LTE network." That's language synonymous with Verizon Wireless. Other language on the website suggests that the GSM LTE Network is T-Mobile.

US Mobile's New Family Plan Discounts Highlighted By Offer Of 4-Lines For $110

US Mobile has updated some of its family plans. The features offered with the plans have not changed, but pricing on them has been improved. US Mobile offers an unlimited plan with 50GB of high-speed data with data speeds capped at 5Mbps for $40/month. Customers who wish to add multiple lines of the same plan to their accounts can now do so with the following discounts available.

  • 2-lines - $70/month
  • 3-lines - $90/month
  • 4-lines - $110/month

Taxes and fees cost extra and mobile hotspot is not included with the plans. Plans also include up to 10GB of international roaming data for use in select countries with a compatible eSIM device. Customers who desire faster data speeds can upgrade to full-speed data for $5/line or they can pay an additional $10/line for full-speed data with 10GB of hotspot.

The plans also come with "Perks." Subscribers can get their favorite streaming subscriptions paid for by US mobile through monthly account credits. The more lines you have subscribed the more perks you are eligible for. The perks program has changed a little since it was first announced and now works as follows.

Customers with 3-lines can choose to have one of the following subscriptions essentially paid for by US Mobile, while customers with 4-lines can choose to have two subscriptions paid for.

Music Options

  • Slacker Plus LiveXLive
  • Pandora Plus
  • Audible
  • Spotify Family Apple Music Family

Video Options

  • Disney Plus - Hulu - ESPN Plus
  • Netflix Standard
  • Apple TV Plus

Gaming Options

  • Stadio Pro
  • Apple Arcade
  • Playstation Plus
  • Xbox Live Gold

In order to receive an account credit equal to the subscription fee for each perk, US Mobile does require you to send an email showing proof of purchase for whichever subscription you are subscribed to. US Mobile reserves the right to ask subscribers to reverify their subscriptions at any time.

The unlimited plans with family discounts are available on both of US Mobile's networks. However, if used on the GSM network, only 15GB of high-speed data is available whereas it's 50GB on the Super LTE network.

Editor's Take

US Mobile's new single line plans really provide excellent value. To really get a better deal than what they are offering on the $15/month plan shoppers would likely have to turn to a multi-month plan from another provider. Mint Mobile and Unreal Mobile for instance offer plans with 3GB of high-speed data each month for $15/month. But the catch is unless you are a new subscriber signing up for a promo, you have to commit to a 12-month plan in order to get that rate. So US Mobile is really offering a good alternative to some of those multi-month plans from other providers. US Mobile's 10GB of data for $30 for a single line plan is also tough to beat.

Turning to the family plans, US Mobile is also offering good value to prospective customers as long as they don't mind a few possible plan limitations such as reduced data speeds and no hotspot.

There are only a small number of providers out there offering 4 unlimited lines (or large amounts of data) at around the $100 price point. Most of the providers that do are carrier owned prepaid brands. For instance, Verizon's Visible offers 4 lines for $100, AT&T's Cricket Wireless brand has the same offer and T-Mobile's Metro By T-Mobile brand also frequently offers that as a deal. Tracfone brand Simple Mobile has also recently offered 4-lines for $100 as an in-store only dealer special. And of course, T-Mobile recently launched a limited time promotional offer hitting that price point as well. But none of those providers are offering the extra perks that US Mobile does. And those perks definitely add value to US Mobile's family plans.

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