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Simple Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines For $100

Simple Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines For $100
Simple Mobile Offers 4 Unlimited Lines For $100
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Simple Mobile has an offer running of 4 unlimited data lines for $100. The offer is only available at Total Wireless stores and through independent multi-carrier dealers. Total Wireless stores can be found in just 22 states. But if you are near a store or dealer, it is certainly a competitive deal and a nice alternative to major carriers and their associated prepaid brands.

Simple Mobile's 4 Lines For $100 Offer Fine Print

This offer is scheduled to be available at least until 8/10/2020. It is for new customers only and does require at least one line to port in. Those porting from another Tracfone related brand are ineligible for the offer. All lines joining the account must also be activated at the same location and at the same time. If a subscriber leaves the group, the remaining 3 lines will still be charged $100/month. A 5th line can be added to an account for an additional $25/month. Subscribers will get to keep the 4 lines for $100 offer after 8/10/2020 for as long as all 4 lines remain active on the account. Taxes and fees cost extra.

The plan offered in the deal includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data with 5GB of mobile hotspot available per line. High-speed data is available at 4G LTE and 5G data speeds and network availability depends on device and location. Although data is truly unlimited, during times of heavy network congestion customers may notice temporarily reduced data speeds compared to regular T-Mobile customers. Once the congestion gets relieved, data speeds will return to normal. Customers that consume more than 40GB of data in a billing cycle may notice even slower data speeds during times of network congestion. Video streams are limited to a maximum resolution of 480p.

Editor's Take

This is a highly competitive offer that matches or surpasses family plan promotions currently offered by major carriers and their prepaid or former prepaid brands including Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, and Sprint. It may be unfortunate for some that the offer is only available at select locations, but it does help to support dealers. Sometimes offers like this one first premier in dealer channels before becoming more widely available and through the Simple Mobile website.

BestMVNO reached out to an industry analyst for a further breakdown of the new offering from Simple Mobile.

"This is a competitive offer, as a family of four switching to Simple Mobile before the offer would have paid $125/month. The inclusion of 5GB of mobile hotspot is a plus. Our multi-carrier dealer survey already shows that Simple Mobile is the top prepaid carrier in that channel and this offer will help Simple Mobile to stay on top with dealers." - Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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