Charter Communications Expands Testing Of LTE Small Cells In Select Markets

Charter Expands LTE Small Cell Tests To Major Markets Providing A Benefit To Spectrum Mobile

Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2018
LTE small cells are low powered cellular radio access gateways that can operate with a range of a few feet to about a mile.  Typically they have been used to supplement and offload coverage from a traditional cellular tower.  The number of mobile users that a small cell can handle
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Spectrum Mobile Officially Launches On Verizon Network

Spectrum Mobile Launches On Verizon Network With “Unlimited Data” For $45/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jul 2, 2018
Charter’s Spectrum Mobile officially launched over the weekend as an MVNO on the Verizon network.  News of its impending launch came in early June when By the Gig pricing was expected to be at $12/month.  However, the official launch price came in at $14/month, which makes it $2/month more expensive
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Charter Set To Launch Spectrum Mobile

Charter Communications To Take On Comcast With Launch Of Spectrum Mobile

Joe Paonessa - Jun 5, 2018
Charter Communications is set to launch a new wireless service called Spectrum Mobile. The launch date is rumored to be June 30th. Spectrum Mobile Plans, Pricing And Requirements Spectrum Mobile will essentially offer two basic pricing models.  An unlimited data plan will cost $45/month.  A by the GB option will also
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