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Spectrum Mobile Adds More Data To Unlimited Plans
Spectrum Mobile Increases Data Allotments On Unlimited Plans
Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2023
Spectrum Mobile updated its unlimited plans today. The base unlimited plan priced at $29.99/mo now includes 30GB of high-speed data each month, up from 20GB. Spectrum’s $39.99/mo Unlimited Plus plan got an even bigger data jump. The full-speed data allotment has been increased to 50GB/mo up from 30GB. Both plans
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Charter Communications Introduces Spectrum One Internet And Mobile Plan Bundle
Charter Launches “Spectrum One,” A $49.99 Internet & Mobile Phone Plan Bundle
Joe Paonessa - Oct 10, 2022
Charter Communication’s Spectrum Mobile has been rapidly accumulating subscribers. In July of 2022, Charter announced Spectrum Mobile had amassed 4.3m subscribers up a whopping 1.3m subs year over year and 344,000 from the previous quarter. Now the brand looks to further accelerate growth with the launch of a specially priced
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Spectrum Mobile Adds Unlimited Data Plan Multi-line Discounts
Spectrum Mobile Adds New Unlimited Family Plan Options Starting At $29.99/Line
Joe Paonessa - Oct 11, 2021
Spectrum Mobile has launched “unlimited data” family discount plans. They are based on Spectrum Mobile’s $45/month and $55/month single line plans. The new family plan options simply add multi-line discounts to those plans. Customers with 2+ lines will pay $29.99/month per line for the $45 plan and $39.99/month per line
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Spectrum Mobile Launches New Unlimited Plus Plan
Spectrum Mobile Quietly Launches $55 “Unlimited Plus” Plan With 30GB Of High-Speed Data
Joe Paonessa - Aug 6, 2020
Spectrum Mobile quietly updated its phone plan lineup today with a new offering. There’s a new “unlimited” plan now available called “Unlimited Plus” and it’s billed at a rate of $55/line. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 30GB of data each month available at up
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Spectrum Mobile Now Promoting 5G Network Access
Spectrum Mobile’s 5G Network Access Is Limited To Unlimited Plan Subscribers
Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2020
Spectrum Mobile is now offering 5G wireless service, however, it comes with a big limitation.  Only those that subscribe to Spectrum Mobile’s $45 “unlimited” plan are allowed access to the network.  Customers who subscribe to a By-The-Gig plan are limited to 4G LTE access only. Spectrum Mobile began offering 5G
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Spectrum Mobile Now Offers Limited Support For Bring Your Own Android Device
Spectrum Mobile Now Supports BYOD For Select Android Devices
Joe Paonessa - Apr 27, 2019
Several months ago, Spectrum Mobile began allowing customers to bring their own phone to the network. The feature was secretly launched in beta, in select markets, and in-store only.  However, a mistake on Spectrum Mobile’s website temporarily advertised BYOD as being available to everyone online.  The mistake was quickly corrected
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Spectrum Mobile Launches Support For Bring Your Own iPhone
Spectrum Mobile Now Supports Bring Your Own iPhone
Joe Paonessa - Dec 14, 2018
A long awaited feature has begun to arrive at Spectrum Mobile.  The cable giant has launched support for bring your own device to its Verizon powered MVNO service.  For now, support is limited to select iPhone models only.  Android owners will have to wait until a later time if they
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Charter Communications Expands Testing Of LTE Small Cells In Select Markets
Charter Expands LTE Small Cell Tests To Major Markets Providing A Benefit To Spectrum Mobile
Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2018
LTE small cells are low powered cellular radio access gateways that can operate with a range of a few feet to about a mile.  Typically they have been used to supplement and offload coverage from a traditional cellular tower.  The number of mobile users that a small cell can handle
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Spectrum Mobile Officially Launches On Verizon Network
Spectrum Mobile Launches On Verizon Network With “Unlimited Data” For $45/Month
Joe Paonessa - Jul 2, 2018
Charter’s Spectrum Mobile officially launched over the weekend as an MVNO on the Verizon network.  News of its impending launch came in early June when By the Gig pricing was expected to be at $12/month.  However, the official launch price came in at $14/month, which makes it $2/month more expensive
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Charter Set To Launch Spectrum Mobile
Charter Communications To Take On Comcast With Launch Of Spectrum Mobile
Joe Paonessa - Jun 5, 2018
Charter Communications is set to launch a new wireless service called Spectrum Mobile. The launch date is rumored to be June 30th. Spectrum Mobile Plans, Pricing And Requirements Spectrum Mobile will essentially offer two basic pricing models.  An unlimited data plan will cost $45/month.  A by the GB option will also
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