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Spectrum Mobile Adds New Unlimited Family Plan Options Starting At $29.99/Line

Spectrum Mobile Adds Unlimited Data Plan Multi-line Discounts
Spectrum Mobile Adds Unlimited Data Plan Multi-line Discounts
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Spectrum Mobile has launched "unlimited data" family discount plans. They are based on Spectrum Mobile's $45/month and $55/month single line plans. The new family plan options simply add multi-line discounts to those plans. Customers with 2+ lines will pay $29.99/month per line for the $45 plan and $39.99/month per line for the $55 plan. Spectrum Mobile plans are only available to those who are also Spectrum Internet customers.

Spectrum Mobile's Unlimited Data Family Plan Options Explained

There is some fine print associated with the unlimited data family plan options.

First of all, there's an argument to be made that they shouldn't really be called unlimited data plans. That's because Spectrum Mobile throttles data on each plan after the customer reaches a certain usage threshold during their billing cycle. The usage thresholds are on a per line, not account basis. For the $45 plan, that threshold is 20GB of data. For the $55 plan, the threshold is 30GB. Customers who reach those thresholds will have their data speeds reduced to a maximum of 1Mbps download and 512Kbps upload until their next billing cycle starts. However, those throttled data speeds are faster than most other plans on the market that in my opinion are wrongly called unlimited data plans. Most of those other plans have their data speeds throttled to 128Kbps or less once a data consumption threshold has been reached. And speeds that slow generally aren't fast enough to do most things on the internet. In my opinion, a truly unlimited data plan is a plan that does not permanently slow down for the rest of the billing cycle once a certain data allotment threshold has been reached.

There are some other features and limitations common to both unlimited plans, and here they are:

Additional Included Features

  • Use your phone as a mobile hotspot
  • Include 2,000 calling minutes to Mexico and Canada
  • Free international texting to over 200 countries
  • Apple watch plan available for $10/month
  • Tablet access available at same rates as phone plans
  • Up to 10 lines per account are supported
  • Taxes and fees included in the prices shown

Additional Limitations

  • Video streams limited to a resolution of 480p
  • Auto-pay billing required
  • $10 activation fee per line charged
  • If Spectrum Mobile customers discontinue their Spectrum Internet plans they'll be charged an additional $20/month per line for Spectrum Mobile and additional lines will not be allowed to be added to an account
  • Only first 5GB of hotspot data is available at full speeds, then reduced to 600Kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle

Spectrum Mobile operates as an MVNO on the Verizon network. Subscribers have access to Verizon's 5G nationwide and Ultra-Wideband networks.

Industry Comparison

Spectrum Mobile's new family plan options propel the brand ahead of its fellow cable company-owned rival Xfinity Mobile's offerings. Xfinity Mobile subscribers get 2-lines for $40/line, 3-lines for $33.33/line and 4-lines for $30/line. Spectrum Mobile undercuts Xfinity's offerings by charging $29.99/line for two or more lines. However, Xfinity Mobile was first to offer unlimited plan multi-line discounts. Xfinity Mobile launched its multi-line discount plan options last April, so it has taken Spectrum Mobile some time to respond. Both providers offer basically the same features with their plans.

Compared to other providers and MVNOs on the market as a whole, more value can still be found elsewhere. For instance, US Mobile, which also uses the Verizon network, offers two lines with 75GB of high-speed data per line for $60/month ($30/line) and $25/line for three or more lines and taxes and fees are also included in the prices. Customers with three or more lines also receive perks such as getting their Netflix subscriptions paid for by the provider. Spectrum Mobile does however, have a consumer reach advantage over US Mobile. Spectrum Mobile has a large user base of millions of internet, landline phone, and cable TV subscribers that it can market its mobile plans to.

Verizon's Visible brand meanwhile offers truly unlimited data lines for as low as $25/month per line.

Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research commented to BestMVNO: “this move by Spectrum Mobile was expected, but it is highly significant. Both top cable companies now have unlimited family lines at a roughly $30/month price point, providing family plan savings versus the national competitors.”

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