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Max Payne

Hey folks, Just moved to Texas area. I would want an internet at reasonable cost. Would Spectrum be worth the buck?


Are the phones from Spectrum Unlocked ? if not, are we allowed to unlock it so that we can use it in the countries?


Be careful about signing up. Signed up for service and new Galaxy S10 the day pre orders started for the new phone. Was sent email confirmation of my order that day. Didn’t hear anything else so decided to call on the 5th to be sure order was in before the free ear bud promotion ended on the 8th. Was told (after 30 minutes of searching) that I had an order, no problem. Called again on the 7th and after 40 minutes of searching for the order, was told phone would ship the next day. Nothing the next day so went to my local Spectrum office where they called and were told the phone would ship that day. Called today (the 9th) and was told something happened with the order and they would be happy to place the order again and start my new service. As for the free $130 earbuds for pre ordering? Sorry, they can’t do anything about that. The time for that offer has expired. Spectrum acknowledged the error but will not consider working that out with me. Needless to say, I will not be moving to Spectrum Mobile. Cheap deals sometimes just aren’t worth it.


The unlimited plan not so unlimited, They say your data will become slower after certain amount which is a lie .you end up with no data
at all. 84dollars a month.

John Ballard

Is there a discount for veterans?


So after you use up your 20 gigabytes how much does it slow down… Like say by percentage?

Penny Eidson

How much monthly for note 8 I have internet already

c rosetti

Do not order cell phone service from Spectrum…..ordered phones they were sent to New York City and turned on…Someone at Spectrum changed shipping address to New York City….So, they refuse to get my money back for purchase of phone and I have a 24 month contract with them…So this will cost me about 3000 dollars…FRAUD the address changed happened in Jamestown NY

Harold wilmot

I have 3 phones unlimited everything on all 3 verizon network and i pay the tax of 6.18 per month only. Thank you